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Well hello there, As you can see beside the fact that this quote

Well hello there,
As you can see beside the fact that this quote was made today, my last quote was made one month ago and I haven't update my profile. I have decided, that I am leaving witty;not completly, I will still every now and then, come on but I will no longer be making formats or many quotes. My life just recently started getting better, I have lots of friends , im the cheer captain and I am really starting to like this guy, all of this, completly opposite than how I was one year ago. So I decided, why not take a break from the internet ( I know crazy right? Take a break from the internet!?) I dont mean I will never come on, just not as much.
so dont look at this as a goodbye, because its not, i'll still be there for you.


darkeyeangel 6 years ago
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omg im going to miss you :'(
do you have an instagram?
mine's emma_krys2436
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LoveYourLifeee 6 years ago
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Soo Happy For You! c: But, Im Going To Miss Seeing Your Quotes. Good Luck, Though! (:
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永久* 6 years ago
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We're gonna miss you :(
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*♥︎Lady Ave♥︎* 6 years ago
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Good Luck <3 Hope all goes well for you!
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LoveYourLifeee永久**♥︎Lady Ave♥︎*_JannetteButterbear


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