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wrote this a while ago but, what do you think? *Little Girl is

wrote this a while ago but, what do you think?
*Little Girl  is a reverse poem. Once you finish reading the poem read it again but this time from the last line to the first and watch as the story transforms. Enjoy.
Little Girl
Sitting, surrounded by sweetness
There once was a little girl
She played all day
Her imagination engulfing the world
Only joy surrounding her soul
Once but not anymore
She released a shrieking no
With all left in her
She jumped towards the little light left
The demons asked as she sought escape
Come to play in the dark?
Told her she’d never be good enough
Evil words always coming for her
Voices were all so cruel
With utter resistance
She shrieked
Listen to us they whispered
You will never be good enough for the angels
You will never be loved
You will never be anything
The little girl had, had enough
Her dreams were gray
Monsters lurked in corners
The nights were oh so cold
There was once a little girl so very alone
Surrounded by monsters, eating her soul. 


Starcrossed* 6 years ago
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this is absoloutely phenonminal its so good!
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wordynerdy 6 years ago
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thanks so much!
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