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dear ocean, you say you are tossing and turning fitfully, trying

dear ocean,

you say you are tossing and turning fitfully, trying to see my face. but i am sitting still as a stone, convinced that i have somehow displeased you, and this is my punishment. 

what did i do, ocean, to desrve this miserable existence of mine? the moon cannot give life; she is barren and lifeless and alone and broken and scarred and she's tearing herself apart again.

i'm afraid, ocean, that one evening when i start to peer over the sunset-screen i'll see you holding the sun in your arms, promising her the shoreline no longer has any importance; the moon could never be loved; and the starfish you once stole from the heavens are hers again.

i'm afraid, ocean, that if you spend so much time kissing the shore you'll not want my presence again.

dearest ocean, i'm afraid. and i detest this fear that courses through my star-blood.

perhaps i shall see you tonight, my ocean.



Demonicangel31 6 years ago
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Dear Moon,
I miss you so much! I am tossing and turning because I can not see your glowing face. The clouds in the sky are blocking you from my sight. I love you Moon, I want to embrace you so badly! It hurts being so fare away from the one you love. I try to get up on the shore to get closer to you but only to be thrown back. So I leap into the air off the rocks, but gravity pulls me back. This accursed place will never let me go and I want this pain to end. Please, fall from the sky and into my arms!
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SheDreamer 6 years ago
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Dear Ocean,
I've been hurt before. How do you think I became lifeless? I crave your touch, it's true, but I, too, am held back. Do you not see these light cone ropes that chafe at my already raw skin? I can fight, yes, but to what end? Do I fall only to be hurt? Do I listen to the Sun Gods when they warn me of your past deception?

Or do I listen to you, my dearest ocean? My heart is confused, as is my head. The only thing that is constant is this: You have hurt me once; and it cannot be repaired. But can we start over?

I desire you. I desire your love, your touch, your soft breath on my skin. But for now I must hang here in Limbo in a noose not of my design, but of my deserving.

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