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That Night Chapter One "Come in.." A deep slow voice

That Night

Chapter One

"Come in.." A deep slow voice orders. Shivers crept through me as I saw he was indicating me into this strange, old house which seemed to be in the middle of no where. I look around my surroundings and all I see is trees. Its a silent night and I seem to be the only living thing here. I go to stand up but I all of a sudden can't hold myself in place. I grab onto a tree branch to try and balance myself out. I feel a strange bump in my head, where am I? Whats happened?
"Come..." I hear the voice again, only this time it was much more commanding than last time.
"Maria.." I hear a voice call for me, it sounded very familiar.
"Maria!" I hear it again.

I shoot up back to realization. I look around me and spot that I am no where near home. The room was quite spacey and it seemed to be very white. "Where am I?" My voice crackled which hurt while talking. A young nurse walks up to me and hands me a cup, I quickly take it. What was inside that cup was not what I expected. A sweet taste lingered round my tongue, it was honey. "There dear, just drink all that and you'll be alright." The nurse kindly says. "Where am I?" I ask, my voice felt much better now. "Oh, dear I don't think it's the right time to talk to you about it now," She says while trying to change the subject, "how's your head feeling?" I rub my hand across it and notice that I have quite a big lump on it. My heart beats faster, "What has happened?" I shout. Suddenly a very tall boy walked through the door, he had messy brown hair, and his blue eyes stood out perfectly. "Maria!" He shouts my name. He comes towards me and hugs me, my mind felt like I new him from some where, however my body didn't. "Who are you?" I ask trying to not be rude. His body drops to the floor with the question and a sudden guilt went through me. "Please excuse us for a couple of minutes, if you have any problems please just press the red button beside your bed." The nurse kindly dismisses as she asks the boy to also leave the room. I lay my head back trying to remember everything. What was that strange voice? Or even worse the place I was in, and the house. Now that I remember it, the house seemed very familiar to me also. A couple of minutes later the nurse and the boy walk in again, only this time the boy seemed devastated, his eyes where blood shocked and his nose was slightly red. He comes and sits next to me and gently grabs my hand, he lowers his head onto it and before I new it, he was crying. I couldn't hold back to anymore mysteries, I needed answers, and I need them now. I notice the nurse sigh sadly while she slowly walks out again. "Why are you crying?" I say calmly to try and calm him down too. His head comes back up and he looks directly at me, "Do you remember who I am?" He asks. Silence went around the room as I try hard to see if I can remember him, he nods sadly and went back to the same position as before. "I can recognize you, but.. I'm not sure from where.." I reply. "Please tell me, what has happened to me?" I beg. He sighs, "You and your family had a surprise fire at your house, no one knows how it happened, so many people... so many people tried to help Maria but.. you were the only survivor," He lowers his head at the news and tears stream down his face, "Something happened to you though, you've had a memory loss, the only good news is that it is not a big problem as it can be temporary. Don't worry though, I am here to help you, and support you." He explains. Tears fled up my eyes while hearing the news. "Who are you..?" I ask."I think I shouldn't say but for now, my name is Jake." He replies. As he says that my mind wanders to somewhere else, 'Jake..' I see pictures of me and this boy - 'Jake' together, we're holding hands, laughing. I wander back to realization and Jake spots that something has happened. "I just saw images of us two... but.. what do they mean?" I mutter. "Its okay now, don't stress too much about it, try and get some rest." He kisses me gently on my forehead before walking out.

A/N: Hey guys I hope you like this story so far. I hopefully will be updating every week. If you have an comments about the story you are welcome to comment. I would be really happy if you fave if you liked it. This is a horror story but also romantic - don't worry it wont be that scary. Thanks for reading! :D


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