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(a transcript of attempted spoken-word poetry) raw like the knuckles

(a transcript of attempted spoken-word poetry)

like the knuckles of my parents who break their backs
and slave away
for 6-8 hours a day
just so there's no complaints
about leftovers
what's left over when the
bills are paid
the raise isn't raised
and who's to say
we aren't struggling
he, she, we
we all have problems
big or small
we all have demons
they are the sole reasons we are all rubbed


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raw 9 years ago
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raw — ( a spoken-word poem );
i was heavily inspired by my username to come up with a poem based on the word, which in itself has so much meaning. two weeks later, the words for this kind of just came to me and there was a computer nearby, so i immediately typed it up and spoke it aloud and fell in love with it. estimated time for writing this/production: 10+ mins
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