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Is anybody else watching awkward? *spoilers* I do and it legit

Is anybody else watching awkward?

I do and it legit is making me unhealthy.
It's so saddening how Matty and Jenna just broke up.
After watching last weeks episode I was in tears rocking back in forth chanting "I feel too much. I feel to much." 

How come nobody else speaks of this? 



Picturesque Wonderland.* 7 years ago
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I know that's an old quote, but. Don't judge me.
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ThatWeirdGirl* 7 years ago
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I'm not judging xD I know it took me like forever to reply. But for real! I saw it coming but I was so hoping he'd ask her. And now I don't even know what to expect for the new seasons.
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Picturesque Wonderland.* 7 years ago
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Oh my God, I know! This show will be the end of me, I swear. Don't get me wrong, though.. Collin is one pretty looking guy, but after what he did to Jenna, my respect for him all went down the drain. I'm just so happy that Matty and Jenna are beginning to be friends again.. Though heartbreaking that Matty had the freaking courage to go ask out /Bailey/, and not only that, but get Jenna all excited by going to her home to ask her if he could do such a thing. Poor girl.
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