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That Night Chapter Two The nurse walks in with great big smile

That Night

Chapter Two

The nurse walks in with great big smile on her face the next morning. I give her a puzzled look and she giggles slightly, "great news for you dear," she starts off before I could ask any questions, "You are able to go home today, however first you will need to sign this form out to say and prove that you have come out safely." She explains. I all of a sudden feel much more happier until Jake's words came to my head again 'You had a surprise fire at your house.' 'You were the only survivor.' I start to ask all kinds of questions in my head, "Sorry but... where am I going..? M-my home is no longer here.. s-so.." I stutter trying to hold the tears in. "Ah yes, sorry dear I should of told you straight away. Well that young boy that came yesterday is  the only person proven that he can keep after you since you both are very close. We could send you to your aunties however they are no longer in England, they have moved to Japan." She clarifies. In my mind I feel relived, but also, scared, I don't know this boy and I appear to be close to him?! This is too much to take in. The door opens and Jake comes through. "I-I don't want this! I don't know who you are Jake and all of a sudden we are 'very close'?! How can I know if I can trust him?! I don't even know how my mother or my father are?! I don't know nothing! And I have to be a little toy and go where you want me to go without hesitation.. I shouldn't be treated like this.. what have I done wrong?" I break down into tears and Jake quickly comes round and hugs me tightly, he softly runs his hands through my hair, "It's going to be okay, trust me." He whispers. I suddenly hear voices 'trust me' repeat softly over and over again, I close my eyes and an image of Jake comes through again, although this time, he looks terrible, scratches around his face, messy hear and his lip his bleeding, "Trust me Maria! It's going to be okay!" I hear him say, but not as softly.  I suddenly fall back into Jakes arms again and slowly open my eyes. He gently lets go, "you okay?" I take a deep breath to let all the emotions and questions go about that image.. at lest for now.
"I am sorry Maria, this is too fast, but please trust me, I will tell you everything once you get to mine." He says, I nod quietly and the nurse hands in a form for me and Jake to sign. A couple of minutes after Jake finishes signing his part, he slowly helps me stand up and takes me to the bathroom. He waits outside until I get ready. Moments after I walk out and he gently grabs my arm and walks out of the hospital with me to his car.

A/N: Hope you guys like! I always love feedback. Also how do you think Jake and Maria will go? Comment below your opinions.


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