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10 Reasons not to cut yourself: 1. you scar yourself and whenever

10 Reasons not to cut yourself:

1. you scar yourself and whenever you look at that scar, you remember the bad thing that happened to you, that made you do that, thus making you more sad! 

2. It may mean you lose a hell of a lot of blood and that may stop you from having babies in the future, because you need a certin amount of blood to able to have babies in the future and you might be lower then that level! 

3. IF you do have kids, then what if they see those scars? they may think its okay to it themselves or they may ask you about it and how will you answer? 

4. There are people who love you out there and people you wouldnt want to hurt, and by doing that those people who love you and the people you love will thus be hurt because they will see what youve done to yourself and blame themselves which may lead them too depression and cutting as well! 

5. By cutting your give yourself more of an open window to be called an "attention seeker" or other names which will add to the stress and depression! 

6. Cutting is letting the people who hurt you win, if you stand strong then what they do to you will make them look 100% pathetic and stupid! 

7. cutting yourself is addictive and is just like a drug, it will effect you for the whole of your lifE!

8. Self harm may make you seem un-stable and stop future job prospects! 

9.Look at the scars on your wrists, those scars wont go away, not ever, everyone wants to be beautiful, are they beautiful? are they you? No.. YOUR YOU, you dont need to ccut yourself, you will always be loved by someone! Im not a religonious person but i know some one loves me, you dont have to be religionious just for people to love you, thats how i used to think, but really i know, im not religionious but I am loved, and so are you, whatever creed, race, ssexuality, whatever you are it doesnt matter, WE ARE EQUAL! Everyone is equal, dont hurt yourself because someone is curel to you, someone out there wants you too be with them and wants you too be happy!

10. those cuts will release the pain on that day, but what about tomorrow, those scars, IF A TEACHER OR GUARDIAN SAW THAT, youd be going to the doctor, who knows what would happen to you, pills? therpy? stuff you dont need, all because of some scars you inflicted onyourself, infact your parent may into trouble! You might be taken away from a loving home and sent some where else, you might be in a mental hospital for a while! You might have to take pills for years or months, until they know YOUR STABLE! 

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