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That Night Chapter Three The car ride was quiet, Jake had tried

That Night

Chapter Three

The car ride was quiet, Jake had tried to come up with conversation starters but I just wasn't in the mood to talk right now. In about five minutes we finally arrived at Jake's house. He steps out and opens the car door for me. I see myself standing outside a quite a big house; the garden was very neat and beautiful with all the colorful flowers around. "How did you afford a house this big?" I ask, trying not to sound rude.
Jake laughs slightly, "It's funny, you said the exact same to me last time you came here," He suddenly goes quiet and his faced seemed to of dropped slightly, "well then, shall we go in?" He asks nicely, I nod while Jake goes to get my bag in the back of his car; I didn't have much, probably everything got left at my old home.

Jake opens the door and I slowly walk in reading the texture of the building, it was amazing, it was like I was in some sort of castle only this time it was much smaller than one. "You seem to like it, I'm glad." He says. Quickly he claps his hands and a nice lady came rushing through, she had long black hair and seemed to be wearing a uniform. Maybe she is Jake's servant?
Jake asks her to put my bags in my room, and right away without hesitation she does what he had asked. "I would like to take you somewhere, I know you will love it." Jake says with a big grin on his face. I follow after him up the stairs and eventually we stand in front of two big doors. He slowly turns the handles and lets me in. I look around and it was a big library, my eyes glittered while looking at the amazing books every where, I felt like going up and picking out all kinds of books. "Feel free." Jake says as if he had read my mind. I happily walk towards the shelf and look around for interesting titles, 'Be my mate', 'Information about cats' and many more. I eventually I find one which looked quite old, it read 'That night.' I pull it out and walk towards the table Jake was sat on, "so, what did you pick?" He asks, his eyes widen when he see's the book I'm holding, "I'm sorry but, you can't read that one. How about we talk first, you probably have a lot of questions." He takes the book off me and slowly puts it back into its place, his face looked disturbed while he was doing it, what was in that book to make him pull such a face? He soon after comes back and sits opposite me. "Who, are you? What do we have?" I ask.
"I don't know if I should tell you, I mean, you don't remember me after all, it might be too soon, I don't want you getting confused." He replies.
I frown with the answer, "but, I want to know, after all I am going to live with you, I need to know who you are at least." I respond.
"Fine, we... we... we're," He pauses for a second, "Close friends."
"Thats all?" I ask uncertain, I feel like he's hiding something.
"Yea," Silence went through the room, "well, you hungry? Want anything to eat?" He asks, obviously trying to change the subject.
I shake my head, "No thanks, I'm okay." I reply.
"Then I'll take you to your room." He offers.
I follow after him and we went up a couple of sets of stairs. I finally reach my room. I twist the handle and walk in. The walls were pale purple, it had two very big windows which also had a balcony. I rush to see the view, its so pretty, the sun is shining on the beautiful red and pink flowers, the trees greener than ever. "I new you'd like this view" Jake walks up to me while looking out of the window. I nod gently and smile.
"Jake..?" "Yea?"
"Did you know my parents?"
"Yea, we got along real well, they were a bit strict, you would complain about them alot, but I new you still loved them. You look just like your mum to be honest, think she was a beautiful lady, just like you." My heart started beating faster all of a sudden, it was unusual but I felt close to Jake, somehow, but how?
"O-oh.. thankyou.. I guess.." I reply while facing down.
"Well I will see you later, I will give you time to unpack feel at home." With that he leaves while closing the door behind him.

A/N: Hope you guys like! I always love feedback. What do you think Jake and Maria's relationship is? Comment below, you never know you might guess right.


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