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She's got soccer. She's the superstar. She saves the

She's got soccer. She's the superstar. She saves the team and runs the field. He has basketball. He's the MVP. He leads the team to victory. He's got football. He's one of the youngest yet plays the most. Need I say more? She's in the play. Lead roll. Voice of an angel. Face to match. They play instruments. Music comes naturally to them. It's a gift. She runs. All. The. Time. A 6 minute mile is slow in her eyes. She gets 100's. Without any effort. It just happens. They have their friends. Her friend's play soccer. His friend's play basketball. His friend's play football. Her friends sing. Their friends play the clarinet, trumpet, piano, and drums. Her friends keep her pace. Her friends are genius's. Everyone's got their group. Me? I'm a techie. Yep. A techie. Sooner or later I'll live in that auditorium. Leaving it would be a vacation. A trip. I'll know how many extra fuses we keep on hand, and have lamp inventory in my binder. I won't need my ID, security will know I'm a crazy from down the hall. And you can laugh all you want, tech crew's cool, tech crew's hard, and tech crew's family. We share a passion, just like you guys. So it's not as physically demanding as tackling someone so your team can run the ball all the way to the endzone, so what? You move $1,200 lights around that weigh half your weight. So, you think it doesn't take my academic strength, we're not graded or anything, right? Wrong. You memorize the maker and model of every light in that auditorium, which fuse they use, what their DMX address is, what gobos they have, and where all their cords are. On top of maintaining those 100's of yours. We're behind the scenes, making that show you take for granted months in advance, perfecting every last tidbit. From the volume of the snares to the angle of the lights to the milliseconds of a set change to the exact fade of the video feeds. We're techies. The best part?   Tech crew: we do it in the dark.  

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