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If I loved you, I’d carry your heart in my pocket. I’d

If I loved you, I’d carry your heart in my pocket. I’d spend all afternoon looking at you. I’d sleep with my hand over your heart each night. I’d call you in the morning and wake you up, just to hear your morning voice. I’d miss you as soon as I left you. I’d be honest. I’d tell you how much you meant. I’d remind you that you’re beautiful, even if you didn’t believe me. I’d laugh with you and probably at you. I’d compromise. I’d show up on your door with takeout. I’d call you on your bullshit. I’d want you to call me on my bullshit. I’d buy you dinner. I’d watch movies with you late at night. I’d show up at your work just to say hi. I’d tell my family how much I loved you. I’d write about you. I’d tell you what I was afraid of. I’d trust you. I’d never want to ever hurt you. I’d buy you ridiculous things that reminded me of you. I’d play with your hair until you fell asleep. I’d try to make you happy. If I loved you, I’d be in love with you too.

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