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This one scene from Law and Order SVU, speaks absolute volumes

This one scene from Law and Order SVU, speaks absolute volumes to me! I support teen pregnancy I just feel like most teens find it a joke or a game and really don't put alot of thought into being pregnant young. 

Olivia Benson: Fidelia, this is a baby we're talking about, it's not an accessory, it's not a bracelet or a pair of earrings or a slamming pair of jeans. This is a living breathing human being you're bringing onto this earth.

Fidelia Vidal: You think I don't know that?

Olivia Benson: If you did you'd be petrified about your future. Do you know the odds of a teen mom finishing high school? Forget college, or any other dream you might have. Life as you know it is over. There's no going to the mall or hanging out with your friends. I mean you might see them but it'll probably be in line waiting for food stamps, or all of you going to the doctor trying to get an appointment at the free clinic.

Fidelia Vidal: Daddy, make her be quiet.

Gordon Vidal: That's enough, detective.

Olivia Benson: Do you know the health risks to babies of teen moms? Dyslexia, retardation, um, increased risks of blindness, cerebral palsy.

Fidelia Vidal: Daddy!

Gordon Vidal: Don't you blame my daughter. She's just a child.

Olivia Benson: That is my point exactly. 

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I remember this episode!!
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