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Once, when I was 8 and a half years old, My dad and I rushed

Once, when I was 8 and a half years old,
My dad and I rushed outside, hand in hand, to experience the
The most intense storm that year. I could’ve sworn that I was
Being swept off my feet with every whip of air, and I thought each
Cold splash of water would have been enough to knock me to the ground.
I could feel the excitement flowing through my veins like the ocean’s current.

Once, when I was 14 years old,
You and I dared to sprint hand in hand through monstrously
Large puddles and we refused to believe that we needed umbrellas.
(Even when you got sick 3 days later.)
I kissed the raindrops from your nose and you helped me wring my hair dry
And I had never been more convinced that water was harmless.

Now, when I am 17 years old,
All I can hear is the pounding of pluvial weather, but the rain is only falling
From the dark brown storm clouds on my face. I promised you that I’d
Never forget the lift in your cheeks when you laughed, or the way that your
Bottom lip stuck out slightly when I was just out of reach. Keeping my word
Is killing me. I can hear your voice in every drop that smacks against my skin.
I thought water was harmless, but now that it’s burning my cheeks, I’m not so sure.


BreeeFayy* 8 years ago
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ugh your poems are too perfect
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halfempty 8 years ago
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