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Music Quiz! First, get your iPod or iPod Touch. Ready? Basic

Music Quiz!
First, get your iPod or iPod Touch.
Ready? Basic Questions First!


Name your first 3 "Top 25 Songs Played"
1. Easy - Rascal Flatts, Natasha Bedingfield
2. How To Save A Life - The Fray
3. Cleanin' Out My Closet- Eminem

How many songs do you have?
Over 500

What is your favorite album?
Punk Goes Pop Vol. 5

Top 5 Favorite songs? (May be different from Top Played)
1. Boondocks - Little Big Town
2. Follow Me - Uncle Kracker
3. Mocking Bird - Eminem
4. Terrible Things - Mayday Parade 
5.  Say Something - A Great Big World

How many playlists do you have?

#1 Most Played Game/App?

Second, "Your Life Story" in songs.
Put your iPod on shuffle, and write down whichever song shows up! No cheating, it takes the fun out of it! Skip to the next song after each question.

Your Birth:
Your Gaurdian Angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

What your family felt when they saw you:
Sing For The Moment - Eminem

Your toddler years:
Bound To You - Christina Aguilera

Your teen years:
Mayberry - Rascal Flatts

Your first kiss:
I Swear This Time I Mean It - Mayday Parade

How you felt about your current boyfriend:
Cleanin' Out My Closet - Eminem

What people think of you:
Say Something - A Great Big World

What your friends think of you:
How To Save A Life - The Fray

The song you should play at your wedding:
Space Bound - Eminem

Your honeymoon:
I Need A Doctor - Dr. Dre, Skylar Grey, Eminem

Your first child:
When I'm Gone - Eminem

Your death song:
To Make Her Love Me - Rascal Flatts

The song they should play at your funeral:
Easy - Rascall Flatts. Natasha Bedingfield

The song about your life:
You Had Me At Hello - A Day To Remember

*This quiz and questions created by coleypoke22.*

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