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I'm an intern at a hospital. I work on the cardiology floor.

I'm an intern at a hospital. I work on the cardiology floor. One of the former nurses on our floor is battling terminal brain cancer. We found out last week that she doesn't have much more than a few weeks left. We sell arm bands and water bottles to raise money for the family.

Today a man came by and bought 2 arm bands for himself and his wife. He handed us 60 dollars and said "keep the change" and walked away. An hour later he returned with a check and said "I'd like to make a donation to this family." I said ok and found out who to write the check out to. I saw him write a "1" and a few zeroes behind it and thought "What a kind man for donating 100 dollars." He handed me the check, and I looked down only to find that it was written for $1000. He said "I hope she gets well soon. Send my best to her and her family." I didn't have the heart to tell him that her prognosis wasn't good.

Today I witnessed a beautiful act of kindness between strangers. The money won't bring her back to us, but the thought that a random person would selflessly give such a large amount of money in order to help out a hurting family is a beautiful thing

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wanderer* 6 years ago
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I really love people sometimes
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