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So we all knew this day was coming... The day in which I say

So we all knew this day was coming...

The day in which I say farewell. Sad thing is, I don't really want to. I wish I could stay here. Forever. Reading quotes all day, avoiding homework, but I can't. Barely anyone is on here anymore. Witty isn't the same place it used to be. I remember last summer I was hanging out with my cousin and we spent 3 hours scrolling through 99 pages of quotes tagged "funny". That was one of the best memories. Others were sad. Such as when I came here because there was a trail of blood on my thigh again, or bracelets on my wrist. I've learned a lot here. Witty has been a diary, a friend, a place of exploration. But now I barely go on. Life gets busy and things change. So, witty, this is my goodbye. Its not goodbye forever. It's a goodbye that means I'll see you soon. One that means, I wish you the best. This goodbye is a goodbye in the truest sense of the word.
Thank you to all of the friends I've met on here. I never thought that strangers could have such an impact on me. Users such as JesusIsMySunshine, fionarose, BrighterThanAnyone, ChangeBeautyLove and especially doublesidedice have had impacts on my life you cant even imagine. I wish you all the best. I will still pop in every now and again, and know that Witty will always be my home away from home. 

Kisses xoxoxo stay strong beautifuls
I wish you all the best
( P.S. you can reach me through my tumblr )


Miluiel* 6 years ago
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Farewell, my friend.
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emilygm* 6 years ago
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Awe, we will miss you! Good luck in life and make sure to come back soon :)
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