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One Direction Update 6/3/14 Hey guys! Sorry if this is a bit

One Direction Update
Hey guys! Sorry if this is a bit late. I had a loooong day at work. Anyway, the boys had a show tonight in Edinburgh. It went great as usual!

They have the next 2 days off before their big weekend in London at Wembley Stadium! Then the UK/Ireland leg of the tour will be officially finished!

Rumors: None

Links: Here are pictures that a fan got tonight. There's some of Little Mix in there as well but the ones on the top are of the boys tonight.


dreamer4eva333 6 years ago
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Ugh, just hearing about all of this makes me mad. First of all, it’s so creepy that he’s spying on you like that. Especially when he hasn’t said a word to you in days. And I can’t believe he said that after you left! Um hello, did you sat anything to her? Does she have any responsibility to you- the one who you threw to the side momentarily so you could see how you were feeling?! Gosh...If he wants you back, then he has to realize that this is no way to win back a classy lady like you. You’re strong and you’re so much better than to just say, “It’s been so sweet how you’ve been spying on me everyday, but how other than that, you’ve completely ignored me. Of course I’ll take you back!” :I And what do you think he’s mad about that you said? I mean, even if you did say something he didn’t like, he’s still way more at fault here. Honestly, you have the upper hand now. You’re just fine without him and he wants you back. You don’t need to say a word to him, he’s got to do the talking now. If he walks back again, just throw a phone at him (If you ever watched TIU together, he may have seen the part where Harry says he flirts with girls by throwing things at them and then he throws his shoe, so it sounds like he may take a shoe the wrong way). I wish I could give him a piece of my mind. But until I can get to Philly to write a rampage on the walls of one of the houses he’s building, my best advice know is to just not think about it. I know, I really know, how hard that is, but you have so many better things to think about. I wish the boys had a “forget about you I’m way better off without you” song, so you could sing it whenever he walks by. Sigh. And I’m glad you liked that quote. :) I agree, sweet Niall is a great, great Niall. All of them are, aren’t they? :)

Yeah, it’s getting crazy popular. I’m sure it’s really entertaining. I sort of wish it wasn’t a fan fiction though, you know? I mean, I wish the character Harry wasn’t meant to be the same Harry we know and love. I just think it’s a little insulting to even somewhat imply that Harry is capable of abusing someone he loves. Someone very close to me has been in an abusive relationship before, so just the suggestion that Harry would ever, ever do some of the things talked about makes me sick. I would never love someone the way I love him if I ever thought they could be abusive. I just adore how gentle and kind he is that it just makes me upset to see that all stripped away. I’m sorry, don’t think I’m mad at you for reading it. I think it’s good how you’re seeing it as a completely different person from Harr. It just makes me so mad to see people who actually think Harry could be like that and think it’s so hot. Harry being so nice is so much more attractive than the thought of him hurting someone.
Good attitude! Who really cares anyways, right? We’ve got much better things to look forward Wembley!!!
Yeah, I mean I have some things, but I guess more will come to me as I get older. Right now, it’s just places I’d like to visit and things I’d like to do with someone I love.
Or do you know him and talk to him on Witty every night.....? ;)
I love that name!!! It’s so clever and cute! The Daily Directioner it is! Maybe you should call your updates that,haha! Just kidding.. :)
I know, right? Shipping can get SO out of hand sometimes, it’s ridiculous. But you’re right, we know. :) That is a great picture of Niall! And I’m so sorry, but the picture you sent me isn’t loading! My computer is really quite awful. I really want to see it though. Here’s an audio of Liam and Harry tonight in which Harry says sorry 4 times :’)

Yes, we are! :) And yeah, I hope we’ll hit it off really fast. I think it’s all about the “hello”, you know? If we’re really open and excited there, then things will go smoothly, I think. :)
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beary0630 6 years ago
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Yeah his spying is quite creepy. I had off today so I didn't see him. He was working and you didn't see me creeping by the door. And it really ticks me off how he expects me to say something to him. Like you were the one who wanted me out of your life. You wanted space, so I gave it to you. I mean, I probably do owe him an apology for what I said. I know he's upset because I kinda swore at him. And that was wrong. But other than that, like you said, other than me apologizing, this is up to him to make a move. You want me back? Then act like a man and come to me. It's the least he can do. Ugh why does this have to be so frustrating? I'll let you know if he creeps tomorrow. I'm there for 9 hours so it could happen any time. And yeah, everything about Niall is great! Why can't he be in my life?

Definitely. I can't see him as Harry. It's just so opposite that I'm just picturing someone else. Because you're right. Harry is just not that person. He's one of the most caring people we know and he shouldn't be represented that way. And the story is being made into a movie. I don't think he'll be too happy about that either. And it also really bothers me how the abuse is glorified. It's not something to be proud of.
That's pretty much what my bucketlist is too. I mean God willing I'm not close to death so I'm not trying to get these things done in any rush. It's more just things I want to accomplish. So when I am near the end of my life I want to be able to say that I did something with it, you know?
Hmmm... maybe I do!
Haha that actually would be a good name for the update! But I've been doing the standard title for so long now, I think it would be hard to let it go. (I'm way too sentimental haha)
Shipping is too crazy sometimes! I know of people on Twitter who think Zayn and Liam are secretly together. It's just ridiculous. Oh and I'm sorry you can't open that! I'll try to send you another one! And thanks for that link but I actually can't open it now either. My parents are sleeping and I don't want to make a lot of noise. But I've bookmarked it for tomorrow! Here's something that I hope you can open!

I'm sure we'll hit it off! We're like peas and carrots!

Oh I wanted to ask you if you'd like to update tomorrow! I have a long day at work so I'm not sure if I'll feel like doing it. The boys are off again so there really shouldn't be anything anyway. If you don't have time I understand. But if you can and want to I'd really appreciate it!
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