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Accidental Love Chapter 4 (maybe?) Taylor's POV. ......

Accidental Love
Chapter 4 (maybe?)
Taylor's POV.
It's the night of the prom. I'm. So. Excited.  
I don't know how I will wear a dress without bracelets, because you know.. the cuts. 
I am so excited though! 
I walk home from school with Ed. He held my hand until we found my road. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and I blushed and I walked home.
I walked in and there was Austin smirking.
"What?" I ask.
"That boy," he says laughing, "who is he? He better treat you right." he says know turning serious.
"Austin. He's okay.. Yes, we are together, but PLEASE don't tell mom and dad!" I beg.
"Of course I won't, sissy!" he giggles and walks upstairs.
I roll my eyes and I set my bag in my room which is also upstairs. 
Austin walks in again.
"Hey, heres one of your bracelets. You dropped it?" he said, handing it to me.
"Why do you wear so many?" he adds.
I stood there and I just shrugged instead of telling him. 
I was nervous to tell him, even though I KNOW he won't tell.
He gives me a look and he walks out.
I forgot about it and I walked in the bathroom with a towel. 
It's 4:08 and the prom doesnt start til' 6. 
 I take a 5 minute shower then I get out. I put my comfy clothes on.
I blowdry my hair, eat , and then by then its 5. I walk upstairs and I straighten my hair. I pull it in a pony tail and I leave a little bit out in the front and I curl it.
I do my make up, and then it's 5:30. I brush my teeth and I walk downstairs and my parents are home. They picked up my dress for me. 
"Honey.. your make up and hair is flawless!" My mother said.
I smile.
"So, you got the dress?" 
She nods and hands it to me.
I go put on the dress and the silver flats. 
(The dress is the one in YBWM)
I walk out to ask my mom if I look okay.
"O-oh my gosh, sweetie, you look.. perfect.." she says with a huge smile.
"Aww, mom, thanks!" I say and I get my phone off the charger.
It's 5:45 and my ride is here. Abigail said she would pick me up and drop me off at Ed's.
"Bye, guys!" I run out the door and in her car.
"Aww, Tay Tay you look fab! What about your you-know-whats?" 
She was talking about my cuts.
"Shoot! I guess I'll be fine.. It's dark in there, right?"
"Yeah. Should be."
I nod and she drives me there. He's not here? I look around.
I see him kissing another girl. 
No, he can't be! I KNEW this was a trick of his! 
"Abby go. Leave please. Get as far away from this house as you can!!"
"Taylor? What's up with you?" She said, wondering why, but she drives in the direction to our school.
"He's with another girl." 
With that, she slams the breaks.
"WHAT?! HE SAID HE LOVED YOU! We are turning around and I am giving him a piece of my mind!" 
"Abby! Calm down.. It wasn't going to shock me if he is cheating. He's a b*tch anyways!"
She nods and sighs and we drive there.
When we get there, EVERYONE has dates. We walk inside and Abby walks off to her boyfriend. I just sit at a table by myself on my phone.
"Hello, Taylor, right?" A britsh voice, different from Ed's, said.
A/N: Lolololol no one reads this but i love writing! 

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