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so, as you probably all know i have gone through a long life

so, as you probably all know i have gone through a long life full of bullying.
those who stand up for me, and everyone else, no matter if they "deserve" it or not, those are the people that make me feel good.
i was watching rachael ray just a few minutes ago, and the story she showed was so touching.
it was a woman and her son, which didn't have much money at all. they really enjoyed spreading good deeds daily,
and they touched so many people's lives. instead of buying themselves clothes (which is hard to do, considering the mother only makes $3.50 an hour),
they go out to gas stations, restaurants,anything you could think of, really, and pay for other people's orders. rachael ray noticed how much they 
give back to the community, and she gave them $10,000 cash and a trip to disney world (with a pass to every park). 
so why don't we all try to take a stand? you never know what someone is going through, so why not help them out a bit?

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