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I want to tell the world a story... About a civilian's home

I want to tell the world a story...

About a civilian's home with a broken lantern
A story about a burnt doll that wasn't played with
A story about a picnic that wasn't enjoyed
A story about an axe that killed a tulip
A story about a fire that consumed a plait
A story about the wedding that wasn't celebrated
A story about a girl that didn't grow up
A story about a football that wasn't kicked
A story about a classroom that wasn't attended
A story about a playground that was silenced
A story about a book that wasn't read
A story about a lonely farm where fruits weren't picked
A story about a Mosque that no longer stands
A story about a stone that faced a tank
A story about a stubborn flag that refuses to lie down
A story about a wonderful city

I want to tell the world the story of Gaza



AnaCastro196 5 years ago
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So.... where's the story?
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Hale_Storm18 5 years ago
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