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you want to be a boy. tell mom. tell dad. no, you don't

you want to be a boy. 
tell mom.
tell dad.
no, you don't you disgusting attention seeker.
you like boys. 

im bi i like either
so you have two sexualities?
technically one. 
that stupid one, transexual? how disgusting, little girl.
i want to be a boy and i want to identify as a boy. 
mom wont approve
i know
you'll lose your popularity status
i know
your first kiss was a boy
ive liked girls before
ya ok...liar...maybe marco was right
you were there through it all
ya, you showed your boobs 
that you have 
because youre a girl

i hate you
i know you do. im the reason why everyone hates you. 
everyones out to get you because you're gender confused
or an attention seeker

i am not
yes you are
until you chop off your hair and wear boy clothes and hang out with guys...
i'll believe you.

it doesnt happen over night.
shut up. liar.
-my schziophrenic diary.
july 14th 2014, 3:30 pm est 
italics are the voices in my head
non-italics is just me thinking/argueing 


lamedork 5 years ago
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hey, it's okay bro.
your body is not your gender. if you identify as a boy, if you feel like you are a boy, then you are a boy. no arguments. you can undergo testosterone treatment and it works amazingly, you get facial hair, the whole lot. if you wanna get rid of the appearance of your breasts, you can buy a binder and they're great, just don't bind with ace bandages.
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Last Serenade* 5 years ago
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don't listen to those voices, man. They kill your mind and only stop you from being happy and yourself. You have quite the journey ahead of you, my friend. You are who ever you are and don't forget it :)
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