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PLEASE READ!!! So, I have OCD, and one of my compulsions is to


So, I have OCD, and one of my compulsions is to scratch my head to the point where its become scabbed all over and often bloody. 

However, recently I scratched a couple of scabs off of either side of my head, and it didn't bleed like usual. Instead they have been lightly oozing a clear, sticky liquid for three days now nonstop. This has never happened before, not even for a short amount of time. I thought it was weird when it first started happening but now, three days later, I'm starting to feel a bit concerned. 

I've done my best to keep my hands away from them for the most part, even wearing a hat to discourage unconscious scratching. I've picked at it a couple times but not much. I have a few other scabs in other areas of my head that I scratched off but they behaved like normal; a little blood and then nothing, no clear liquid. Its just these two wounds on the exact parallel sides of my head. 

My hair in the areas of the oozing wounds has become damp and matted with the stuff, its disgusting. 

Does anyone know what's going on here and what I should do? 

Please be kind, I don't feel like hearing comments of disgust directed at my bad habit. I can't really help it, as much as I try to.


WinterDellForever 7 years ago
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Sounds like lymph fluid.
Its completely normal, it's trying to get the white blood cells to the front of the cut to begin healing. I know everyone tells you to do this but don't scratch. Let them head or bandage them because once the blood white cells start forming it can get infected easier. :)) ( just a guess! )
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TRU3LOV3FOR3V3R * 7 years ago
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thank u. i have also heard that it is infected already...what could happen if that's true?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?
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_Jannette 7 years ago
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Oozing as in puss?
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