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I remember joining Witty Profiles as a Freshman in High School.

I remember joining Witty Profiles as a Freshman in High School. 
w, I am a Freshman in college. 
I logged in for the first time in ages today, and I realized something
Everything that seemed so tragic then was never really that big of a deal. Sure, my boyfriend of two months left me, and yeah I was single for two years afterwards. I guess my parents kind of sucked too. 
looking back, I realized everything turns out. 
I have a family that cares about me, and has helped me every step of the way, whether I wanted to be an Archaeologist or a Music Teacher.
An amazing boyfriend that would drop everything for me and has promised he would marry me someday.
iends who accept me for who I am, and have encouraged my success without judging me once along the way.
And the most amazing thing is that I have been able to live the past year to the fullest, and I am learning to live for me, not for others. 
I just wanted everyone to know that it does get better, no matter how hard it is now. Keep powering through. The world will show brighter days. 
lso, I wanted to thank all of witty for dealing with me during my awkward days. 
o keep living to the fullest, because everything will turn out.
I promise.

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Fact_LifeIsHard 8 years ago
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this is such an important post!
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