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To anyone who reads this, I cannot promise you a life full of

To anyone who reads this,
I cannot promise you a life full of happiness.
I can tell you that things will get hard, and you will
think that there is no way things can get better.
But wait it out for a while.  Do not go making
hast descisions.

Yes, growing up sucks But its apart of life. It happens
to us all.  You are still allowed to have fun no matter
how old you get. Remember that.

Remember that, you need to stay strong.
That things do get better.
There are people who love you, there are other
ways of showing that people care without saying
"i love you".

Don't take the little things for ganted.
Like your family, getting good grades in high school, and your friends.

In college, its not easy to get that 4.0 GPA everyone
dreams of having.
Its not the easiet to make new friends, like it is in high school.

I wish you the best of luck as you reach being 18

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