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..... I don't need the 4th to know I've gone 16 months


I don't need the 4th to know I've gone 16 months without you in my life.
I feel your absence everyday.
I feel it when I go shopping, when I eat peanut butter, when I go through the McDonalds drive-thru, when I hear Luke Bryan or Hunter Hayes on the radio. I feel it when I read short stories and when I watch scary movies and when I straighten my hair or just driving down any back road. I feel it when I pass my math tests and drink Dr. Pepper and when I take a swig of our ultimate favorite alcoholic drink and eat mint tic tacs.
So much of our friendship consisted of such small everyday things, It's hard to do much of anything and not think of you and the fact that you're supposed to be here but you're not and I just can't deal with that today.




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