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Its been a while since ive been really active on here. I was

Its been a while since ive been really active on here. I was really feeling down tonight so i decided to come on here and just look at my old quotes. That led me to see my comments and im just still in shock. I just turned 13 when i made this account and im now 16, almost 17. I saw comments from girls explaining how much ive helped them or saved them. im forever grateful i was able to do that. I hope every single person who was struggling and asking me for advice years ago is in a much better place then they were 2 years ago. I know it sounds cheesy but if you were one of those girls or guys and you come across this quote,please comment on my profile or on this quote. i really wanna know how youre doing! I myself am still struggling with a few issues but im very happy that i got help for the issues i was battling 2 years ago. so much has happened since the last time ive been on here and im going to start coming on here more and im going to continue to try to help some of you out. Most of you who are reading this might not know me because like i said i was part of the old witty, but hi im kenzie and this account is made to help you all out. I hope every single one of you is better than the last time we talked. i love you all tons and im excited im back!


jesusismylovexox 5 years ago
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Emina1 7 years ago
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I remember you helpingme. I have been clean for two years....well had. Just last week I had a blackout. I don't even remember picking up the blade. All I remember is the blood afterwords and wondering what I had just done.
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Lizzayy* 7 years ago
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i do remember seeing some of your quotes and that really helped me when i was struggling so thank you for that. being there for people is always fun but if you need someone to be there for you, im always here (:
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nevercutyourbeautiful 7 years ago
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aw thank you so much! im glad i could help you and i hope youre doing better! im gonna start coming on here again, its weird witty is so different.
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