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My best friend talks to me more and always says goodnight to

My best friend talks to me more and always says goodnight to me, unlike my boyfriend... I love my boyfriend, but I'm starting to fall for my friend. It doesnt help that I have a past with my friend, him and I were extreamly close at one point... He tells me he regrets not asking me out when he had the chance. I love my boyfriend but he shows me little attention and affection. I'm just confused... ugh...


Country_24 5 years ago
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I fell for my bestfriend and it was the best feeling in the world! :) But his friends became more important so now we don't even talk.. Goodluck! I'm here to talk if you need to.
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kiwi* 5 years ago
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if someone else is making you doubt your current relationship, then get out of it. in a lot of cases, this would not be the best thing to do, as relationships aren't always about loving each other 24/7 (which frankly is not possible), but in this situation, it seems appropriate. weigh your choices before you act on one, though. list it out physically. it should help a bit.
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converse_allstar97 5 years ago
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go for the friend... because falling in love with your best friend is the best thing in the world... It might be hard to end with the other but everyone deserves to be treated right and he may be sad but life always works itself out... trust me! :)
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