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I bought my truck off of someone who hadbasically rebuilt the

I bought my truck off of someone who had
basically rebuilt the ol' girl. I was told that her
screeching was the belt, because she sat for
a long time. I was also told that she was hard
to start and that she shuts off at first because
again all she did was sit. Anyway, I got a guy
to install a radio for me, and he tightened the
belt and adjusted the carburetor, and now
she doesn't screech or stall to start. I just
find it funny because one of the guys was
constantly shoving it in everyone's face that
he took a year long mechanic course at votech,
and how he's pretty much a mechanic, and knows
everything. lol the guy that did my radio works at
NAPA (auto parts store, for those not in the know)
and he knew more. so, haha, f.uck you.

(the self-proclaimed mechanic is an ex boyfriend)

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