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One Direction Update 6/4/15 Hey everyone! Finally things are

One Direction Update

Hey everyone! Finally things are going to be getting a bit more exciting! Tomorrow the next leg of the tour starts! Louis flew back to the UK (like I figured he would). Harry spent the day with Nick Grimshaw. Liam and Niall weren't seen as far as I know.

Tomorrow's Tour Info: Finally get to start this segment up again! The boys' will be in Cardiff, Wales at Millennium Stadium!

Rumors: Okay so as some of you may have heard, there is a rumor going around based off some artcle in the Sun about the boys taking a break or splitting up after the tour and the album. Nothing is 100% confirmed. But according to this article (if it is true at all) the boys will be taking a break (NOT breaking up) after the tour and the album is out. This does not mean that the band is not together anymore, it would just mean a year or so of no touring and no new music. They have been busy non stop for the past 5 years. This would give them a chance to work on independent projects and other things they want to do in their personal lives. It would not be a break up or an end to the band, just some time away. Many groups go on hiatus for a bit and then come back stronger than ever. It in no way means their career is over. Plus, the real facts haven't even come out yet. I will definitely post more when they do!

Links: Louis at LAX today:
Harry with Nick today:
More of Harry with Nick:
Here are the links for part 1 & 2 of an interview Harry had with Ryan Seacrest today:

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