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Her Survey❣ What color is her hair? Brown What style is it?


Her Survey❣
What color is her hair? Brown
What style is it? wavy
What color are her eyes? green-gray-gold
Does she have a cute smile? yeeeeessss
Braces? lazy with invisaline
Glasses? nope
Abs? working on them
Height? 5'3ish"
What grade is she in? 12th
How did you meet her? summer play 2013
How long have you known her? a little over a year
Does she play any sports? track & field
Can she play the guitar? nah
Any other music instrument? violin kind of
Do you guys ever text? everyday
How about instant message or Facebook? yup
What would she wear on a typical day? she wears different things but I'm just gonna say shirt and pants/shorts
What's something you've seen her wear? Minion Sweatshirt
Do your friends know that you like her? yeah lol
Do your friends like her? yup! all but one
Do any of your teachers know that you like her? yeah its pretty obvious
Do your parents know? yeah
Do they know she exist? yeah
Do you think they would like her if you were dating her? I am dating her and they love her
Have you met her parents? yeah
What would she do if she saw your Witty? probably call me a derp
Your Tumblr? dont have one
Does she know you like her? yeah i would think so! lol
Do you think she feels the same? i would think so haha

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