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One Direction Update 6/16/15 Hey everyone! Today the boys were

One Direction Update

Hey everyone! Today the boys were in Horsens, Denmark and had a show! A lucky fan got to meet them backstage. I believe it was some sort of Make A Wish type of situation. 

Tomorrow the boys will be on Capital FM's Breakfast! I'll have the full link for it tomorrow.

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Links: Video of a fan meeting the boys today:
The boys singing No Control tonight:
The boys on stage tonight:


dreamer4eva333 4 years ago
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I don't know how they do it neither. People who make fun of pageant girls should really step back and think about all the hard work that goes into what they do. Yeah, they weren't that bad. They were just hard to answer while keeping eye contact and trying not to say "like" or "um" and other stuff like that. Haha, that sounds good to me! And I'm sure Niall would love it! ;) Yeah, that must be tough. When is your store officially closing?

Yeah, I think we should be proud, too. We came to this acceptance and the beginning of self-love through being kind to ourselves. If that's not something to be proud of, I don't know what is. :) Yeah, I have to do that too sometimes. But we can always ask each other if we really space out. :)

Wow, that must be annoying to deal with. I don't want to bring back bad memories, so if you don't want to answer this you don't have to, but what happened between you 2 again? Yeah, them acting like nothing happen is annoying because they act like they did nothing wrong. It's nice that your parents are 100% on your side. That must make things a bit easier. It's like we said earlier this completely sneaks up on us! I feel like I'm in the blind spot- I'm coming near to something, but I can't quite see it yet. I know, it's almost time for the American leg of the tour! What the heck?! Yes, that was one of my all time favorite VBS's. Oh yeah, working in music is the best. You get to dance and sing and meet everyone. I love doing that job, too. :) My VBS is next week...which is also sneaking up on me! I better learn those dance moves soon!

I bet you're right. You can't escape shipping. Ever. And yeah, fans are always going to find something to be unhappy about. My sister actually loves to criticize the things she loves, which isn't really my style, but she loves to do it. Whatever floats your boat (your boat...not your ship). Writing a letter for that is legitimately a good idea! It's unfair how a typo can make you lose great tickets when you were there on time.

Yeah, now is just not the time. I love Zayn, but he hurt a lot of us fans. Until we're able to heal and get past that, we just aren't interested in hearing music from him. And you know what? That's okay. I love how the album is still 5 months away and we're all still so hyped for it! New music is just...the best thing ever, isn't it? Thanks for having me as a small part of the team, pal. I love helping you out. :)

I know how you feel. I'm still the same girl and the boys are still the same boys...but we're both different now and that's not a bad thing. It's so wonderful how we've all grown up together. Ooh, that's a good point! I really want to see this circle now, or square since there's 4 of them. I can't wait to see it! How many group selfies do you think Niall has taken at this point? If Niall and Harry haven't gone to Chipotle together, that needs to be fixed right away.

Oh no! And you love space so much! I'm sorry about that, Jenny. I hope you get to go back and see it soon. :)
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beary0630 4 years ago
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Oops and I forgot a paragraph! The whole planetarium thing really sucked but we're actually planning a trip to go to the museum in September. So hopefully it'll be fixed by then!
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beary0630 4 years ago
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Yeah making fun of them isn't being a nice pal. It's not really my thing, but I know so much work goes into it and if you're passionate about it it's so worth all the work. And when you do well it's very rewarding. I can imagine that must've been hard. I say like and um all the time and I don't even notice it. Yes! If you ever audition we can make it a reality! The store is probably going to close by June 28th. And I an ready for it. It's just so stressful because when the prices get really low, the people go crazy. I'm taking a bit of time off after it so I can relax before jumping back into work again.

And even though self acceptance comes from inside you, I know the influence of the boys is part of what helped me. They aren't afraid to be who they are so why should I be? Yeah I hate it when I space out like that. I mean, I was only talking to you less than a day ago, how could I forget already?

Oh it's okay, I don't mind talking about it. We were best friends since I was in 4th grade. (She's a year younger.) We got into fights over the years, but never anything serious. Well at the end of my senior year she just started being really cold and just standoffish. We had these big plans to go on our trip and see the boys in Hershey. She had gotten a boyfriend and ignored me most of the time. It made me really mad because my family was bringing her on this trip, paying for everything for her and did so much for her over the years. Then right around my birthday she started acting nice again. The trip was right after that and she acted like her good old self on the trip. I thought that maybe she was just in some mood and got over it. But as soon as the trip was over she went back to ignoring me and she basically didn't talk to me for the rest of the summer. So once I started community college in August I found her boyfriend there and I asked him if he knew why she was acting that way and he said no but he would talk to her. So later that night she texted me saying hi. I asked her if her boyfriend had told her that I talked to him. And she played dumb and was like no I just wanted to talk to you. And I was super mad because I knew she was lying so I called her out on everything. She acted so dumb about it and tried to twist everything to look like it was my fault. And that fight ended really badly and we haven't talked since. My last words to her were "Fine, I know that you don't have the balls to admit that you are the one at fault so I don't need you in my life. Don't speak to me anymore. You won't admit it but you can live knowing that I'm right" (Something along those lines) And now when she sees me she runs the other way or she gives me a dirty look. Anyway, sorry for such a long story. But it's good to vent to a pal sometimes. And yeah the whole pretending she did nothing wrong is almost worse than they betrayal. But at this point I just try to ignore her the best I can. That's a really good way to put it! It's a blind spot for sure. It's so close yet so far... And I am not ready for them to come over here. That is just the most exciting part of the tour for me. Yeah it really has been a great VBS! And get on those moves girl! It's like they aren't that hard but sometimes you get so into the zone with the kids you just forget them. But I'm excited for Friday because we get to put on the little show for their parents!

I can kind of see where she is coming from. Sometimes I am critical of the things I'm into but not too much. I always like to write reviews after I finish a show or something. But I'm not the kind of person to pick out the most random mistake in something. That was a good one! Your boat not your ship! I thought that was clever! Yeah there's gotta be a better way to do ticket sales. I guess they have to be extra careful because there's ticket bots that go and buy everything up so that people can resell them later.

Yeah I feel okay about it too. I know a lot of fans are listening to his music and that's fine but he can't expect all of us to be ready for that this soon. New music is the best thing ever. And I think this one is just so hyped because of the whole what will it sound like without Zayn factor. I know it's gonna be great though no matter what! I love having you as part of my team! :)

Yeah I think that's just a normal part of growing up. Hehe maybe one day to be funny they will do it. I don't know how many there's been. I think there's a tumblr that posts them all so I'll have to go and see. I just don't know whether I should just go with the 4/4 ones or the older ones with Zayn still in them. Oh yeah and I'm definitely going to make sure they get to Chipotle together if they haven't already. I'll hold up a sign at the concert to tell them! And sorry I didn't have a link for you! You responded to me before I got back on to send one! And thank you by the way for the Liam video! That was the cutest! Look at this beautiful face:
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dreamer4eva333 4 years ago
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Yeah, that's a good point. And with all that pressure on you, it's almost impossible to deliver your opinion in a confident and graceful way. They asked me about who were some women role models for me, what I see as my biggest accomplishment, what problem I see the most among my friend group...Stuff like that. Maybe you could come to England with me and cheer me on at my future audition! ;) Yeah, they are really nice! Maybe you'll get some free stuff soon or at the next place you work. :)

Yeah, that's so true. It's nice to know that you can always improve and always love yourself just a little bit more. Oh yes! That was it! That letter is of extreme importance! How could I forget?!

Oh yeah, that is a bit awkward. Do you ever small talk or do you just not speak? With my ex-best friend, we act like everything was fine between us when we grew apart, and it drives me crazy. Oh yeah, that must bother you. But on the bright side, at least she's not rude to them. Yeah, and they're just around the corner. Mine's less than 40 days away! Ah! Oh my gosh, I loved Pandamania! The music for that one was my favorite! It was almost as good as FOUR. And I'm in charge of music, too!!! I hope you have a blast, Jenny! It's going to be so much fun! And I have no problem with you having a list, haha!

Yes! It should definitely be on that list! ;) Haha, I'm sure that's true! Supernatural gets pretty angst-y, but there's no dating rumors, so that's nice. ;) There is still shipping though...Anyways, yeah. I wouldn't trade 1D for anything else neither. :) Oh gosh, those are the absolute worst! I always forget they're coming and they freak me out! But yes, in the end it's all worth it. :)

No, I didn't listen to it. Not because I don't care or I'm not interested. I just don't want to hear music from Zayn quite yet. Give it some time, and then I will. Until then, we do have the big album #5 coming out! Well, it's been a while since I've been able to do one for you, and I'm sorry about that. But yes, you will always have my moral support. :)

Those days seem like a whole different time, don't they? But I am proud of us for everything we've worked towards for One Direction. We really are one big team, one big family. :) Ooh, that sounds lovely! I'm sure you use that pen for much more than signing. Aw, a little circle on the floor! That's a sweet idea! :) Ooh yeah, I would love to see a selfie collage! If you ever make it, I'd love to see it. :) Here's an important question- Have Niall and Harry ever gone to Chipotle together...? Haha, calm down, Harry! It's just a bra! You dressed in once when you were little, remember? ;) Here's something cute :)

That's so nice! Did you go anywhere else or just to the Park?

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beary0630 4 years ago
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Yeah I really don't know how those girls on TV handle it all. And those questions you got asked don't sound too bad. The one about friend groups might be a little hard, at least for me. I wouldn't know how to answer that one! I would love to go to England and see you audition! If Niall was a judge I'd be sitting on his lap while you sang! Yeah I hope so. Since Radioshack is closing down I can't even get employee discounts anymore. I'm ready for a change of job for sure!

Yeah it's a great feeling. And I think we should be proud of oursleves for feeling that way! Haha it's okay to forget! Sometimes we write super long messages so I know I quite often have to look back at what I said to you to remember exactly what we were saying.

We don't talk at all. She acts so immaturely about it. When she sees me she runs the other way or gives me a dirty look. And it's been just about 2 whole years! That's just dumb and childish so I don't even let it bother me anymore. And that would drive me crazy too. I don't like it when people pretend there was nothing wrong or whatever. Yeah and the good thing is my parents know what she did to me. They're polite to her because she's our neighbor but my mom told me that they don't buy the fake nice act. And that's really really close! It's going to be here before you know it! I was just on the boys' website the othe day looking at the Europe tour dates and there's only a few more left before the US! I was so surprised that it was that soon. Oh that's really cool that you liked it! I'm glad it seems like a good one. We are all really enjoying it too! How do you like doing the music? It's my favorite job to do because you get the chnace to see all of the kids. When is your VBS?

Yeah shipping is part of pretty much any fandom no matter what. Even in anime shows people have fan pages and all sorts of things dedicated to ships that may or may not even be real in the show. The biggest drama in the Sailor Moon fandom is the merchandise and people complaining that the animation in the new show is ugly. Of course there's always going to be someone who is unhappy! Yeah they freak me out too! Some websites just have you push a button saying "I'm not a robot". I like those a lot better. I'm going to write one of our letters to Ticketmaster asking them to change that!

Yeah I felt the same way. I'm not ready to hear it right now. I personally don't care right now either. But I think once my heart heals more from everything I might care again. But album #5 is the thing that I'm really looking forward to! I love just hearing it for the first time! And of course our lovely song predictions! It's totally okay that you haven't been able to update at times. We both get super busy. But both your moral support and updating skills are much appreciated :)

Yeah it does seem like a whole different time. Not only is the band different but I'm a lot different than I was back then. I do! I use it for everything that I need a pen for! Oh and what they can do is when they are in their little cicrle, the interviewer can sit in the middle to ask questions! I'll definitely make it at some point! I might wait until after the tour because Niall quite often is taking one during the shows. Hmm.. I don't know. I would like to think they have. We'll have to ask them.

We pretty much stayed in the park but we did go to the Museum of Natural History. We wanted to see the planetarium but it had a leak in the roof so it was closed! But it was still a pretty good day.
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