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One Direction Update 7/11/15 Hey guys! Right now as we speak

One Direction Update

Hey guys! Right now as we speak the boys are on stage. Yesterday I said they were in San Francisco but they are actually in Santa Clara! But it's still in the same area. Other than that they aren't doing to much!

This Day In 1D History:

Rumors: None

Links: Since I am 3 hours behind the boys when they are on the west coast, I always am updating before they are actually done with their show. So since I'm not able to stay up until 3 AM when they're done, links from the shows will be posted the next day until they are out of Pacific time zone! 



dreamer4eva333 4 years ago
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Yeah, I can relate to that feeling. I wonder where we get it from. It's nice to have someone who gets your situation and reminds you of what's important! That way, if either of us ever forgets, the other will be there to say, "Hey, remember this very important thing you're forgetting?" And then we'll say, "Oh yeah, I forgot that very important thing. Thanks, pal!" And the other will say, "No problem, pal!" And etc...

Oh my gosh, really?! That powerpoint sounds too intense for me. I swear, anything remotely related to the XF days gets me extremely emotional these days! That's so cool! Imagine how many you'll have in 10 or 20 years. It'll be so amazing to have a keepsake like that. Yeah, although I am visual too, writing brings back stronger memories than anything else for me. Thank you, pal! I just cannot believe it! I am so, so excited and I can't wait to tell you all about it!!!

Exactly, I mean, who doesn't like a good zoo? This is something we just have to do now...

Oh...that's unfortunate. At least you got the extra breaks, though! That's terrible! How rude. The whole idea of commission freaks me out because of situations like that.

I think my sister read that book! How are you liking it? Wow, that is so funny! My sister didn't do it like that, but she did buy a Gryfindor sweater today, haha!

Yeah, I know what you mean. My heart goes out to all of those people who got hurt the most. And yeah, I agree with that. Seeing them as a foursome wasn't something we had never seen before, so it wasn't all that strange when it became official. Aw, thanks, pal. I'm glad you still like them. :) Harry's smiling face is what I'm sure heaven looks like. :) I'm glad you liked that picture! That one's a keeper, huh? :) Thank you for that beautiful picture of Harry. I really, really liked it. :) Here's something super, super sweet :)

Me, too! He told me he was going to watch it last night, but he hasn't told me how he liked it yet.

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beary0630 4 years ago
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Aw that comment from Gemma is the sweetest! I love when any of the boys' siblings show their love! Look at this cutie:
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beary0630 4 years ago
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Yeah it is nice. And that's how it would go. It's always grea to have a pal who is going through the same thing as you. As I speak I'm at RS right now. It's only five hours so I think I can keep my cool.

Yeah it was too intense for me too. That's why I stopped making it. That and it's stuck on my broken computer. That stuff just gets so emotional and touching! Yeah I hope I'm able to have that many of them. It's so funny. We're so excited to tell/hear about this thing that hasn't even happened yet. And now that I see that they've added Act My Age and Spaces I'm even more excited. Those two were the songs that I really wanted them to add.

I agree! I'd really love it if we could do that. I know I definitely haven't gone to every zoo I'd want to.

Yeah it was super rude and just terrible. I definitely won't miss him.

Yeah I am liking it! I'm actually on the sequel now called Hollow City and that's good too. Ooh that sounds like a good sweater! I just bought a HP shirt when I was shopping!

Yeah I hope they get their chance someday. And I'm sure you've seen how Zayn has dissed NB. I'm so proud of him for seeing the truth. I hope he does his thing now his own way. That makes me feel much better about the situation. Oh yeah. Harry's face definitely is what heaven looks like or at least 1/4 of it. Oh no problem! Every woman deserves a beautiful photo of Harry!

Oh! Well let me know if he tells you his opinion! I'd love to know!!
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