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Poem. I am considered a polyglot. It’s a word that means

I am considered a polyglot.
It’s a word that means you,
speak 4 or more languages
in an advanced level
For me, it goes from English to French,
then Vietnamese and Swedish.
Sometimes, it works because,
I can tell you words I want to say.
But it can never escape my lips,
when it comes to the language
we share together..Like English.
I can tell you, ‘t’es beau à moi.’
Brush it off, as if I meant, your
shoelaces are untied and I’ll always
be there for you, even if you
might never share the words I
will someday, when I confess
those three words: ‘Jag älskar dig’
You might be smiling or frowning,
confused at these words. I’ll
always yell, ‘tu est bête!’ To the
next person who hurts you. I’ll
always make sure, you’ll know
in English, that I love you,
and the words of xin chào will
greet your heart, when my heart
meet yours. I’ll try to remember,
to tell you what all those words really meant.


I post this poem hours prior! (Prior, heh heh ;)! )
Anyway, here you go and I do actually speak 4
languages. :)!


*gloomy* 8 years ago
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This feels so intimately personal, thank you for sharing~!
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Sweden* 8 years ago
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your welcome! :)
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