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I go on Witty every few months. I check if my old friends have

I go on Witty every few months.
I check if my old friends have been online. For most of them…it’s been two years. I remember the fake marriages we had. The jealousy we shared. The exchanging numbers. The sending pictures. The kiking. The all-nighters. I go on Witty every few months to see if anyone has been online. These people new my darkest secrets. My scariest thoughts. My happiest hours. I check my old account to see if my old friends have messaged me. Sometimes I’ll get a message with a number and a quick sentimental message : I miss you. Most of the time it’s nothing. It’s bare.It doesn't matter. I don't reply anyway. I have to move on from a teenage girl's obsession. I’d like to say I don’t care. I’d like to not want to log in anymore. But, after five years it’s still hard to let go.


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jahn79* 6 years ago
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Maybe someday I could be an old friend.
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