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(worst and best version)
(cos i didn't want amenah to feel alone)

1. I'm unbelievably clingly, but I hold people at such a distance sometimes, and it's really confusing for my heart. And that makes me angry. So I'm just a mess, roomie.
2. I'm stubbornly loyal.
3. When I get anxious, I yell a lot, as if the level of volume will somehow scare the anxiety away. But it just comes off as really mean. So I'm an axshole, basically.
4. I write funny parodies of well-known songs, and usually they are about food. (EG, Under the Cheese, I Knew You Were Processed, Parmesan World, etc.)
5. I hold grudges to a point where I can't sleep so I pace sorry if that wakes you up.
6. I love to sing and I will sing with you even if I don't know the song I will sing it with you do you want me to sing with you please say yes I WANT TO SING
7. You'll have to slap me. You'll  -h a v e-  to slap me. Sometimes I just won't get it, and you'll have to slap me. It might save my life.
8. I love questions. Ask away.
9. Part of my OCD is numbers. Nothing can really explain it, so don't try to understand. I don't even understand it. But it's a real problem that haunts my nightmares and my normal dreams and when I'm awake too! I can be a bxtch about it.
10. I complusively clean the bathroom. So. There's that.
11. I talk myself down tons. Sometimes it's pretty subtle. But don't argue with me, cos that makes it worse. The best way to combat it is to simply say, "No." Most times I shut up after that.
12. We'll always be stocked with bananas because they reduce anxiety AND LET ME TELL YOU.
13. I stall really well. I've stalled for hours before. I won't hesitate to stall in I'm in an uncomfortable situation. If I can't boycott altogether, you bet I'm stalling. What was that word again? Stall.
14. I'm a talented kazoo player. I will cheer you up. I /will/ cheer you up.
15. I'm really insecure about my arms because of all the scars. I hate when people stare. I hate when they know I've caught them staring and then don't say anything about it. I hate when they do say something about it because it's usually ignorant. I can't be pleased about the whole thing, really.
16. I'll punch that person for you. I'll punch /that/ person for you. Do you need me to talk to someone?? Who's bothering you? She said WHAT? Okay, yeah, so which one do you need me to punch?
17. I'm paralyzingly sarcastic. I think I could suck souls with this.
18. I have great ideas!
19. But no motivation.
20. I can't have wheat, I can't have milk...so I probably won't be eating your food.


Amenah 5 years ago
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this is from SEPTEMBER
god, how long have i been mia from witty

idk i just... i was reading this and i'm smiling now and i just idk you're a cool cool bean <3
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Miluiel* 5 years ago
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i was wondering if you'd ever see this xx
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