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One Direction Update 10/27/15 Hey guys! Hope you've all

One Direction Update

Hey guys! Hope you've all been having a great start to your week! Today was the boys' third show in Newcastle! They have a day off tomorrow before heading to Sheffield! Then 3 more shows and the OTRA Tour is over! It's going by way too quick if you ask me!

This Day In 1D History: http://thisdayin1dhistory.tumblr.com/post/132011159316/this-day-in-1d-history-october-27

Rumors: None

Links: Harry and Liam with a fan today: https://twitter.com/Go1DenUpdates/status/659066449617645569
The boys on stage tonight: https://twitter.com/BestHarryClose/status/659149279173455872


dreamer4eva333 4 years ago
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Yes, it's so well done and so convenient. You really do a great job with these, pal. :)

Exactly! The production is fun for everyone, and the boys (especially Harry) always try to make everyone feel included. They want everyone to have as much fun as they are, and I love that. :) Yes, we'll be going to England and Ireland. Nothing's 100% sure yet, but we're determined to go! Yes, I'd love to finally go to Philly, and I'd love to show you around over here! Yeah, the NYC trip is going to be so much fun if everyone's able to come. This summer, a few friends and I decided to start thinking about it, since a lot of us would be graduated from high school by then. I know I would love to have you there. :) Well, I'm planning of travelling across America and Europe with my friend from the Netherlands. :)

Oh yeah, that would be great! Do you like to sing the same sort of stuff you listen to?

Well said, pal. One Direction surprises are one of the greatest things. :) Yeah, it sounds like it fits the theme of the movie well. Yeah, they could have saved Just Can't Let Her Go for another album. I wonder if they've ever done that before. Yes, I totally agree! Why don't they do that next year? While the boys are resting, give us the scraps of everything they didn't use- video footage, unreleased songs, pictures...That would keep us occupied, haha :) It's sort of strange not having a set writer's list at this point. In the past, we always have by this point. It's almost only 2 weeks away! Thank you, pal. :) That was a really fun interview. It was before the Apple Music Festival and it had something to do with Beats headphones, if you ever want to look it up. :) Yes! I actually follow someone on tumblr who's name is Olivia and she is so, so happy about that song! Yeah, this one seems pretty simple, but it's hard to figure out what exactly it's about. It's hard to analyze it, you know? I like your theories. I think it'll be an upbeat song about the ;) feeling or about the feeling of being in love. We're on the same page for this one! :)

Aw, that's great! That sounds like Louis. :) I could see him as a judge someday, too. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to watch that episode. Did you agree with who they chose for live shows? You know, I think that might be a strategic thing- saying you don't like your contestants makes the audience want to root for them. Then, when he says he was wrong, your support for them grows even more because you're so happy for them. But who knows what Uncle Si really thinks. Yeah, for sure. No matter who you are, you can't deny how successful the boys have been and how legendary as well.

I'm glad you liked that! :) Thank you for that picture! God, I'm going to miss seeing him on stage. To get you in the mood for fall, here's Harry looking like an advertisement for fall :) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CScBUoWXAAAE9PZ.jpg
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beary0630 4 years ago
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Hey pal! If you're seeing this, that means Witty worked for me! Yay!!

Thank you, that really means a lot to me.

Yeah Harry definitely spends extra time making sure people have fun and it's so cute! He's doing a great job if you ask me! Yeah! I'd love to see where you live! I've been out west to several different states but never Colorado! That's awesome! When you go take lots of pictures because I'd love to see! And if you meet the boys when you're there, tell them that there's a crazy girl in Pennsylvania who says hello! I'd totally be down to meet up in NYC! It's only an hour drive for me so it'd totally be manageable! And that's so cool! How did you meet someone from the Netherlands? Have you ever been there? And it's kind of funny, because our family is friends with another family who lives in the Netherlands too.

I pretty much do. My favorite thing to sing is Disney songs or Broadway tunes. But there's lots of different things here and there I like to sing to. What about you?

Yeah I've wondered that too, if some of the songs we hear have been written for year and they were waiting for the right time to release it. That's a question to ask God later! Oh that's a fantastic idea! They can put out all of their unreleased material. That way they don't have to actually do anything new. Their team can just release it as they please. Yeah I know, usually if it's not available online, I think the SUN sometimes posts an article saying who wrote what. Ah okay! I definitely will look it up! Any interview is worth seeing. Haha I can imagine that she must be stoked. I was excited that Georgia Rose has the same middle name as me. And you've got your name in Up All Night! Yeah that sounds about right! I'm curious to see how that one is. Love You Goodbye, I don't know about you, but I think this will be a slow one and quite sad. I might be wrong but I feel like the title says it all. Love You Goodbye just sounds like maybe like leaving someone that you don't want to leave but you don't really have a choice. Maybe one about missing someone while on the road.

Yeah if you search on Twitter you might find the full episode. I did agree for the most part. There was one woman who I thought should have gone through and didn't in as far as the overs went. The groups I honestly thought we terrible choices but maybe they'll be better with some work. But over all everyone's pretty darn good. Oh you have a good point there. Maybe that is part of it. Simon knows what he's doing though, that's for sure. They are legends. Can you imagine fifty years from now, they'll be like how the Beatles are now!

I'm going to miss him on stage too. I can't believe OTRA is over tomorrow! Omg he does look like a fall ad! I just want to curl up and sit by a fire with him! You can't see his face, but here's The Hair: http://harryniips.tumblr.com/post/132250225984/niallhorantheirish-sheffield-uk-october-30
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