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One Direction Update 11/15/15 11:40 PM EST Hey guys! Today was

One Direction Update

11/15/15 11:40 PM EST
Hey guys! Today was a pretty cool day! The boy came back to their home and performed on the X Factor! They sang Perfect! Link will be below!

Hope you are all enjoying Made In The Am!!

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dreamer4eva333 4 years ago
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I totally agree! I'd be thrilled with any song they choose for a single! :)

I can understand that. Do you have any standouts right now? Yeah, I liked the way it worked out, too! I think it leads nicely into our analysis. Do you want to start it off or should I? YES, I cannot get enough of this album (no "Never Enough" pun intended)! It's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing!!!!!!

Haha, no, you weren't creepy at all! I was just new to online friendships! :) Thanks, pal! I got to meet Jared, the actor who plays Sam! It was so great! I know what you mean. It's exciting to make plans outside of 1D, because that's what the boys will be doing, too, but it'll be a hard change for both the boys and the fans at times. Okay, it looks like today didn't work well. We'll get it figured out and plan a day soon!

Yes, the excitement of an album really lasts for months! I just love having this gem in my life now. :) Haha, can you go as low as the "I love I love I love I love I love Olivia" part in Olivia? :D

Exactly, it's the other way around. I personally really like it. I think parts of the song could just be about getting ;) with someone you love, too, and I really like that. And not to mention, Harry's verse is the s*exiest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. How did your album day go? I know you stayed up late and were super busy the next day, but did thing go well? I hope so. :) I definitely agree. Their writing styles are very distinct, but they go together beautifully. Who's writing style do you like the best on this album? Haha, yes, now we know! Quite a lovely song, too, if I might add. :)

Yeah, well said. I haven't been able to watch at all this year. Could you tell me who's in right now? Yes, I remember Mary! For obvious reasons, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the contestants who were on with the boys. I'm getting all nostalgic now! :') You mean, they didn't know-oh-oh, they didn't know their basic facts? ;) You did such a great job, Jenny. I didn't feel like anything was taken away from me. Thank you, pal. :)

I know just how you feel. I want it on All. The. Time. It's just so incredible!!!

Yes. Again, this is why they need fan representatives on their team (AKA- us). ;)
Yes, it makes me so happy! And I agree, the album is very kid friendly. I may not recommend the deluxe version because of Temporary Fix and the a*sses thing, but other than that, I'd say this is one of their cleanest albums. It doesn't feel too innocent, but it really is an album that almost anyone could listen to and enjoy. I love that.

Yes, we are both messes right now, but happy ones! :) Aw, isn't he just so indescribably beautiful? Yeah, I think so, too. :) Here's a picture of the boys after Niall said he's take them golfing: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CT5SmOnUwAI08Ff.jpg
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beary0630 4 years ago
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I'm really excited now to see what they might choose! Do you think they're going to do another one since Four only had 2 singles?

Stand outs are still really unclear for me. Because unlike every other album they've made, there doesn't seem to be a clear group of songs that I like better than others.They're all so good! I think if I had to choose an over all favorite it would be Olivia or Hey Angel but I still can't choose! And I'll start! I've been waiting for this too! Okay so for Hey Angel I said that I thought it was about a person who was like an angel and you thought he was literally talking to an angel. So you were definitely right that it was a real angel that he's speaking to! But it's a faster song than we thought! The thing I just love about this one is the music. The violins and the majestic feel it has. It was the first one I heard when I listened for the first time and it got me so excited for the rest!

Yeah you were the first online friend I had too. I had talked to other people but not as much as we did. Being friends with you made me more comfortable making multiple online friends. You. Met. Jared. Padalecki? You is so lucky!! See, I don't know much about Supernatural but I do know who he is and he is very nice to look at lol. I'm glad you got to meet him! Yeah it's a shame that we didn't work that out. Hopefully soon!

It is a gem right now! I listen to it allllll day lately. I was listening at work with headphones and all of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I see my co worker waving his arms back and forth trying to get my attention. Let's just say I was really into the songs! And no I don't think I can get the low notes in Olivia even if I'm sick with a cold. That shocked me at how low it was the first time I heard it!

Yes I'm really glad it's the other way around. And it can be interpreted as a more loving ;) than just a whatever kind of thing. I didn't think Niall would write something with that harsh of a meaning. And my album day was great! I was a bit tired but I didn't really care and I just had a great experience listening to it and just taking it all in for the first time! How was yours? That's a tough question. Because they did so many different things. Like I feel that Louis definitely went very serious as where Niall went more funny and light-hearted. And Harry and Liam were more in the middle with a proper mixture. So I guess that just depends on my mood! What about you? Yes! I think they all are!

Okay, as of right now there are 2 of Cheryl's groups: Reggie and Bolli and 4th Impact. Rita's girls: Lauren Murray and Louisa Johnson. Nick's boys: Mason Noise and Che Chesterman and Simon has one over Aton Stevens. Yeah! Mary is the one Harry mentioned in the video diary! And I have a soft spot for all of them too! Is it weird that I can remember the entire final group from their season? Lol no they didn't know their basic facts! Good one Katie! No problem! And now I'm super happy I can talk to you about it freely!

Yeah I have it on almost all the time so we have no shame! It's that incredible and great!

Duh of course they should choose us! I think we'd do a darn good job too! Yeah I know what you mean. It is cleaner than others. Especially when you take out the bonus tracks. There's definitely nothing there that kids or anyone couldn't listen to!

Haha I don't mind being a mess if it means having this beautiful work of art! I love that picture! I love how Niall is the only laughing. The other boys look so done with him lol. Here's something lovely I found: http://cashtnsthighs.tumblr.com/post/132886548361/gonnaliveforever-so-dont-let-it-go-we-can
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dreamer4eva333 4 years ago
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Hey, Jenny! I'm just going to leave our guesses here for referral :) (Yours are listed first)

I’m guessing it’s about a girl who they see as perfect like an angel and basically just an uplifting song telling her how wonderful and beautiful she is. It also could be an overall uplifting song that anyone can benefit from.
It sounds to me like the Angel is actually an angel and he's asking them all these questions about him and the person he's in love with/person he lost/etc. I feel like it'll be the WDBHG of the album- big and upbeat with quite sad lyrics.

PERFECT- I was thinking that it could be about a Perfect person. Either someone they see as perfect and love or even someone who is perfect and it makes them jealous. Or perhaps a Perfect relationship that they either have now or lost in some way.
I would guess the song is about how they aren't perfect, but they're perfect for that girl. They're not the ideal dream man, but they can be a perfect fit for this person they like.

END OF THE DAY- I think this one is maybe about their tour life. Possibly about how they have their most amazing times at the end of the day. Or maybe it could be about spending time with loved ones.
I'm going to guess that this song is a ;) song, if you know what I mean. I'm guessing it'll be fast since it follows 2 mid-tempo songs. But if its slow, I'm guessing it'll be a sweet love song about coming home to the one you love at the end of the day.

IF I COULD FLY- This one has me slightly puzzled. I'm thinking possibly the DFWYB song of this album. Like maybe it's about wanted to be able to fly home or fly to an important person instead of being away. Or maybe just a song about wanting to be free.
I think it'll be a big "only if" and "I wish" song, in the sense that you're wishing for something, but you can't have it right now for whatever reason. They could be wishing to literally fly away from whatever they're doing and be with a loved one or they could be wishing to fly away from the way they've been living and finally be content. Wow, that got quite deep. Watch this song be totally upbeat and we're just being sappy saps, haha :)

LONG WAY DOWN- Now Long Way Down seems like it's going to serious and I feel possibly slow. I feel like it could be about how high up they are in the sense of their career. Possibly like it's a long way down from where they are to go back to a normal life? This one is a bit ambiguous. I'm quite curious about this one too because I have another song called Long Way Down from the Fault In Our Stars Soundtrack. I'm curious to compare meanings.
I think that Long Way Down is going to be serious and slow, too. I'm thinking more along the lines of a relationship. It could be a break up song about losing someone and now you're falling (and it's a long way down). The first time I heard this, though, my instinct was of a couple who have been together for a long time, and they both know, (and this sort of rhymes), if they ended it now, it'd be a long way down. So...don't look down. This one is pretty unclear, though.

NEVER ENOUGH- Like others have said, I think this could definitely be a ;) kind of song. But I was also thinking perhaps it could be about the fans. How the boys maybe feel like they're never able to do enough for us at times. Or how people keep demanding so much for them and it's never enough. But I'd like to think it's a ;) song because that would be more on a happy note. According to Wikipedia Niall was the main writer of it, so who knows!
Do you think Never Enough is that song that someone leaked a few seconds of in July? The one that went, "I don't need my love, You can take it, you can take it. I don't need my heart, you can wreck it, you can break it"? I remember there being something about never getting enough. Either way, I think this will be a ;) song, too, at least to some degree. I think it'll be fun and super fun to dance to. I'm really looking forward to hearing it!

OLIVIA- Then onto Olivia. This one is really ambiguous with the meaning because it's just a name. According to the writing credits (whether they're a true or not) it's apparently written by Harry. Olivia could be kind of like a Diana song. It's not really a particular person but represent the fan base like that one did. Or it could be representing someone else in their lives but they're not using their real name. Or it could be a generic love song and they just picked that name. But I do feel like it's going to be a love song of some sort.
Anyways, yes, Olivia. I saw that Harry was a writer on this one, too. I'm thinking along the same lines as you. I think it'll be a sweet, maybe sad, love song. Probably not about someone actually named Olivia, but like Dianna, throwing in a name that anyone could really be. 2 other little theories I have for this song: 1. Harry got the name Olivia from Gemma's cat (who in named Olivia Pope in honor of the TV show Scandal). 2. Did you ever listen to that interview when they were asked about a standout lyric and Liam said, "I live for you, I long for you (insert name)"? I'm guessing Olivia was the song it came from. But yes, total love song is my guess, probably slow.

WHAT A FEELING- Next, What A Feeling. This one has got me scratching my head. Perhaps another ;) song? Or maybe it's about just feeling in love or the feeling they get when they're on stage.
Yeah, this one seems pretty simple, but it's hard to figure out what exactly it's about. It's hard to analyze it, you know? I like your theories. I think it'll be an upbeat song about the ;) feeling or about the feeling of being in love. We're on the same page for this one! :)

LOVE YOU GOODBYE- Love You Goodbye, I don't know about you, but I think this will be a slow one and quite sad. I might be wrong but I feel like the title says it all. Love You Goodbye just sounds like maybe like leaving someone that you don't want to leave but you don't really have a choice. Maybe one about missing someone while on the road.
I somehow lost mine, but I remember thinking it was about Louis and Eleanor's split. I thought it would be along the lines of the different types of goodbyes. There are "I never want to see you again and hate you" goodbyes and there are "I wish we didn't have to end this and I still love you" goodbyes. Theirs was the latter.

I WANT TO WRITE YOU A SONG- I'm thinking it's going to have the title as one of the lines for sure. Maybe it's about wanting to write them a song but not knowing what words to put into. This could be about any kind of song too you know? It could be fast or slow too.
Yeah, I think I Want to Write You a Song will be a fast, lovey song about liking or loving someone so much. You like them so much, that darn it, you just want to write them a song. That's my main feeling for that one.

HISTORY- So History... I didn't listen to it but people who did are saying it's about the fans which is really sweet! So I'm assuming it's maybe about our times together with the boys and the things we've accomplished together?
Oh really? I haven't heard too many meanings for the songs, but that doesn't surprise me. I imagined History to either be a sad break up song ("we're history" "I'm history"), a I'm-fine-without you breakup song ("you're history"), or a sweet song about "our history". From what you heard, it sounds like it's the last one. :)

TEMPORARY FIX-Niall wrote this one. And from the fans' descriptions I've heard this is definitely a ;) song. Apparently it's basically about hooking up and that it's just a temporary fix for his "needs"?? Lol Before hearing the predictions I would have guessed it to be a sad song actually. We'll see...
Oh my God, really, Niall? I'm not a big fan of that concept. I mean, I am all one for ;) songs, but I like ;) with someone you love and care about, not to fulfill your (ugh, it even feels weird to type it) "needs". I felt like Alive sort of had that message, too. But I like Alive and I'm sure I'll like this one, too. :) I would have guessed it was sad or ;), too. Either about trying to save a relationship that you know is going to fall apart anyways or trying to fix a relationship you know isn't going to work out anyways with a little bit of ;).

WALKING IN THE WIND- So... Walking In The Wind. All I know about this one is that fans said that it was sooo good. But nothing else. I feel like this could just be about being on your own maybe. Or perhaps breaking away from something? Or I could totally picture Harry just writing a song about walking in the wind because his umbrella blew away :).
Yes, Walking in the Wind. That's so great to hear! I hadn't heard that much about this one, but I'm so glad the fans like it! I heard that Harry said this was inspired by Paul Simon's album, Graceland, so I bet it'll have a very relaxed feel to it. As for the meaning, this song is one of the most ambiguous. I like your ideas. I think it could be about being alone or maybe going through a hard time. Or maybe it's just about taking life as it comes, just walking in the wind. But if it's a song that tells a story, like "I was just walking in the wind and this happened" I'd love that, too! Of course, it could be about his umbrella, too. ;)

WOLVES- I'm not going to say anything because I kind of know what this one is about based off something Liam said. It's written by him I believe and from what he said, I feel like it will be a fast one. But that's all I'll say. Though I'd love to hear your guess.
Wolves is so tough for me! I'm really excited to just know what the heck this song is about! My guess would be it's a ;) song or a song about how they all sort of live their lives as wolves, outside of the "real world" and in their own "forest". But I'm not really sure.

K: It's so funny that you haven't heard that much about it, because that's the one I've probably heard the most about. I think it's going to be a fun song based off all the good times they've had together in the early morning
J: Yeah that's what I'm thinking too :) I think it's going to be a reflection on all the good times they've had over these past years
K: Yeah :) I think it'll be a great closer for the album, too, you know? And it'll probably be the same sort of tone as Act My Age. Let's have fun and just be together :)
J: Yeah it's definitely going to be a good song to close the album with . And I hope it's like Act My Age because I love that one!

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