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i need to let some things off my chest right now so i apologize

i need to let some things off my chest right now so i apologize for any grammar mistakes in advance. I feel so horrible lately. My mom has brain cancer and can either take chemo or be put into palliative care. chemo seems to be pushing it though. I havent seen my mom in roughly four years, and now she might die. right when i have the chance to go see her. she might die. also my dad lost his job and keeps snapping at me about it. it's not my fault you lost your job ok dont yell at me and cuss at me. and just generally speaking i feel bad. i feel dysphoric and isolated and depressed. i have been trying so hard to post art onto tumblr only to get like 13 notes, i need a major confidence booster. nobody says nice things about my art or even me anymore. im such a horrible person. even my mom said i have a huge ego. there nothing to look forward to anymore. everything is going down hill. my stress relief was in art but now when i do it it makes me more stressed than i was before. id rather be dead right now honestly. notice me. notice me, im a boy, i want to have fun drawing, i want my mom to get better, i want my dad to stop yelling all the time. not to mention things at school. people avoid me and i have no friends. everyone i know is transferring to this stupid arts school. my "boyfriend" doesnt bother speaking to me hardly at all and would rather go off on his own than to even say bye????? idk how relationships work but im pretty sure youre supposed to like the person youre dating and i get the feeling he doesnt like me at all. like what the heck man. theres so many things happening and you cant manage to comfort me? I have internet friends that do a better job at making me feel better than you

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