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this. you love him. you are too young to understand. you haven't

you love him.
you are too young to understand.
you haven't truly loved before.
your father was abrasive,
your mother was mild,
and you don't exist to them anymore.
but this love exists to you.
you don't understand it yet.
you hope you aren't lying to yourself.
and the first time it happens, 
your body feels wrong.
until it doesn't.
kissing him doesn't.

and this.
you fall asleep face to face.
you wake up just the same.
this is the only place you can be true
to one another.
and gods, are you.
the truth spills out of your mouth,
the truth is every part of you,
the truth is what you share. 
the truth is your language,
and he looks so pretty, telling it.
you do not lie to him.
he does not lie to you.
you do not lie, except together.
truth, truth, truth.

and this.
he kisses you before you go.
he kisses himself before you go.
you've become him.
it's a sort of lie,
but you did always lie together.
his lips feel soft.
you have watched him become stone,
but he has never been anything but home
for you.
this is everything you have ever loved.
you are ready to fight for him.
you are ready to fight as him.
you are ready to die.
you say you will return safely.

lying isn't always voluntary.

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