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One Direction Update 12/13/15 10:30 PM EST Hey everyone! I hope

One Direction Update
12/13/15 10:30 PM EST

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well! Today the boys performed at the X Factor Final at Wembley Stadium! They performed Infinity and History! Links will be below! 

If you didn't know or see on Twitter or other social media, today marks the boys' final day together before the break. It came a bit sooner than I thought it would considering the original statement said the break would start in March. But it looks like they are starting it as of now. Do not fear though, they have confirmed that the break will be 18 months long and they will be coming back! And I definitely trust that they will be! We just need to remember as fans that the boys love us but they also need time to be with family, friends and jus relax. They've accomplished so much over these past five and a half years and they've earned it! And knowing them I bet they won't be completely silent on Twitter. June of 2017 will come before you know it! Let's all try our best to smile and be proud of our 4 amazing boys!

This Day In 1D History: 

Links: I wanted so badly to post a link of the boys' final performance on X Factor but it's been blocked in my country. If you live in the US and get the channel AXS TV they show full episodes of the X Factor and the final episode will air on Monday night at 8! But here is the boys' statement today: https://twitter.com/onedirection/status/676158568815443968

So as you all probably guessed, since the boys are going on break I will be ending the updates. Over the past couple of months, I haven't even been able to post as regularly as I used to. When I started these updates I was 16 and now I'm 20. Life changes and I wish I could've have done more over this past year. But anyway, I'm super sad to be ending this because it's become a major part of what I do. Doing these updates has allowed me to help other fans and meet one of the most awesome friends I could ask for, Katie! And it's all thanks to those 4 boys. I know when I started this back in 2012 I had a LOT more readers and now it's down to a small few. But I'm thankful for each and every person who has read and appreciated these updates. I hope at some point I was able to help you with info or put your mind at ease over some silly rumor. I love all of you guys. As for after the break, I have no idea if I'll be back because who knows what life will be like then. But if there is a a desire for updates you can bet I'll be here. If there's anyone who wishes to stay in contact you can follow me on Twitter @LetsShiftNiall! And to all of the people who hated on me for having these updates and blamed us 1D fans for ruining Witty, you're finally getting your wish. But that doesn't matter because I had a dang great time on here no matter what! So anyway, thank you for all the great years and I hope to talk to you again on the other side of this break! Remember, this isn't goodbye, it's see you later :) 




dreamer4eva333 4 years ago
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Yeah, not to mention a great new artist you've never really heard before! Exactly. The lyric about the heart sinking really touched me. :) Yeah, that would be a great interview question! It would be great to hear more about the creative processes they go through when making the album and how they really feel about each song. I mean, there's 4 of them, so you have 4 different stories and 4 different connections to the songs, you know? I definitely agree. History can apply to a lot of other situations, but I will always think of this our song, the boys' message to us. My favorite line would have to be, "We can live forever" just because of the way it truly makes me feel like we can keep this going forever. A small break is nothing when you can live forever. :') Also, I loved how the boys kept looking at each other when they sang History on the XF. It really shows the way they feel about each other, too. :') Aw, so much sentiment...

I can't argue with that, haha!

I think so, too! Wow, 70 degrees! That's crazy! Today we actually did get a lot of snow, as we have a couple of time this year. Our weather has been very bipolar as usual! Yeah, we're just a rectangle that almost looks like a square. It's pretty easy to get us confused with other states. :)

I love Harry no matter what he wears, but I have to say, I would looove to see him in a pair of glasses. :) I know, it really hit me, too. Like you said, it felt like the break was supposed to start next year, not right now. But I feel like it's truly going to be okay, too. Oh, I wasn't crying just a little bit last night. It was full-on crying, for sure, but it was good. Tonight, we'll have the comic relief of carpool karaoke! :) Yes, we have 5 great albums to listen to over and over and over and over...well, you get the point. ;) Awwwww....the sentiment. The memories. The LOVE. It's bittersweet and beautiful. :') Here's some more of it: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CWJu7f8UwAEwVdP.jpg

I know how you feel, Jenny. It's great for them, and when I think of all the things they'll get to do during the break or all the things they won't have to do, it makes me happy. But it is hard to say goodbye to the way we've known life to be for the past 4 years. It's like graduating from the best school ever, but still knowing that you'll be able to do even more with the people you love in the future. It's sad to think of not hearing from them as much as we have in the past, but I know we'll still see them around. They'll never truly be gone. At times, the break will suck for us and for them, too. We'll be missing touring and concerts and new music, and they will, too. But it'll be alright. We'll always find a way to make it out alive. Us and the boys together. The break isn't going to change that. :) I agree! It's strange, but it's great, haha!

Hopefully, this weekend if I get everything done. Please pray for me. :) I can't wait to tell you about my trip and video chat for the first time!

Yep, until we decided to put them on the updates. I couldn't find the very first one I sent you about the tattoos, but those ones are right after that. Aren't those sweet? :) It really is amazing to go back over everything we've done and been through these past 4 years.x
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beary0630 4 years ago
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Yeah that's a good point too. Hearing each person's perspective on different parts of the song would be great. I'm hoping that when they come back from the break we get more of those personal answers in interview questions. Yeah I love that line too! I think of it as more of a message to us rather than another situation. And wasn't that the sweetest? They really took that performance to heart and made sure everyone, including each other knew it. They always make sure the important things really matter :) Temporary Fix: On to the bonus tracks! Well, I'm really glad this one didn't turn out as what we worried it was. It wasn't about using a girl as a temporary fix, it's more of a reassurance that she can come to him when she needs a temporary fix. And even if it's in a ;) way it can still be interpreted romantically, you know what I mean? And I actually really like the chorus on this one, "You can call me when you're lonely when you can't sleep I'll be your temporary fix you control me even if it's just tonight." I like how it's kind of like an I'll be there for you type of thing. I also have to mention how much I love the sound of Harry's voice when he says, "Let me be your goodnight". He sounds really hot there :D

Yeah it's been really really warm. Christmas day is supposed to be almost 70 as well. I wish we could get a little snow here. You think you can send me some of yours in a box? And hey that's okay if people get your state confused. I always know which is which!

I would love to see him in a pair of glasses too. I think the boys wearing glasses in a photoshoot is definitely needed right now. Yeah I kept hearing they'd be active through February so them stopping now was a little bit of a shock for me. It's good to cry about it too rather than hold it in. I think everyone who loves the boys cried at some point during this process. But know it'll be okay too :) I need to get a link to Karaoke carpool! I wanted to see it but I missed it! Maybe I'll save it for a day or so just to have something to look forward to. And we have plenty of things to do! Did you hear about the Master List of videos? It's this list of video since 2010 that someone made and they're in chronological order and everything. It's over 3,000 videos so I think it will help keep us occupied over the next year and a half!

That's a good comparison. Life is going to be different than it has been but we have more to look forward to later! Who knows, we could even have a tour to go to later in 2017! They did say they wanted to tour the songs from this album! And if I know the boys, they're going to get bored too. They're so used to having to be on the go all the time. I think after a few months they're going to feel like doing something, even if it's little. Maybe they'll have time to do cool stuff like twitcams again! That would just be awesome! But we will make it through this journey together!

I will definitely pray for you! I know this time of the year can always be tough for students with finals and wrapping up loose ends with school things. But you will get through it! I can't wait to hear everything and finally video chat! I just realized that I really should make a skype account if we want to do that lol.

That's so cool and I'm glad you sent them to me! It's so funny when you read them because we talked to each other so politely. And you apologized a lot for asking questions! In reality I always loved when people would ask me questions, it made me feel important or something. It is great to see everything though. I think we've changed a lot since then.
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