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I am no more responsible for my hunter’s horniness and

I am no more responsible for my hunter’s horniness and craftiness than you are for your seductress’s physical attractiveness and guile.

Each of us is born into this world and into our bodies apparently without prior intention. Each of us temporarily embodies and manifests patterns evolved over billions of years (or created, depending whom you ask).

We, the self-aware things that think we exist, are nothing more than the tiny, artificial “consciousness” portions of our larger physical beings. Consciousness or “self” is nothing more than a software subroutine of the brain-mind system, if you will. Our consciousnesses take a free ride on the deep physical realities of nature that we have the privilege of participating in but do not create.

Instead of acting all prudish and allowing our artificial consciousnesses to place intellectual limits on our behaviors, we should let our animals be the animals that they are, watch what happens, and enjoy having a front-row seat to the juicy realities of nature.

You should attract me and guide me. I should pursue you and take you.

If either of us pays attention while we do that, please let that attention only be as an observer, not as a driver, not as a controller.

No tiny consciousness could possibly create through its own design the level of complex dirt that nature creates on her own. It’s arrogance to think we can steer nature or surpass her artistry.

We could try to apply the brakes in our own little individual lives, but of what use is that? When we attempt to do so, we only prevent nature from doing with us what she will do without us anyway.

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jahn79* 4 years ago
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But our conscience is more than software. It has power to influence the quantum relm around us. We observe a ray of light the once filled the emesity of the universe itself. Because our conscience interacted with it it gave up its existence everywhere at once and decided to interact with us. What mysterious beings we must be.
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