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I swear I’ve written over a dozen times in my head but

I swear I’ve written over a dozen times in my head but the words never found my mouth. But that’s just like me — inarticulate and constantly halfway out of your life.

I meant to call but my fingers could never seem to find the courage. Instead, I kept them distracted in the hands of all the wrong people.

“Your eyes never quite look the same twice, and I’m scared for the time when I’ll look and no one will be behind them.”

I never knew what you meant until one night it was 3 A.M. and I caught sight of myself in the mirror and couldn’t tell where I had run off to.

I go to sleep one person and it feels like I’m an entirely different person when I wake up. And you just never understood. It’s so hard to hold on to people when you’re constantly losing yourself.

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jahn79* 4 years ago
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Full of sadness. Darkly beautiful.
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