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Some people think that having money makes you right. That’s

Some people think that having money makes you right. That’s ridiculous. Having money doesn’t make you right. Money isn’t even real. What’s real is action. If you want to know who a person is, watch what they do.

Trump—are you kidding me? One thing we definitely don’t need in politics is more capitalists. They’re corrupting the whole democratic system. Do you think Trump could have garnered massive grass-roots donations as Sanders did? The only reason Trump gets his face plastered all over the place is that he has money. The only reason he has money is that he took advantage of the corrupt laws that protect the biggest capitalist thieves. He already went bankrupt three times. That means he didn’t have to pay his creditors what he owed them. He walked away each time. If he were made to pay all the people he owed money to, he would be worse than broke. He’d be deep in the hole. If Trump becomes president, he’s not going to “put up a wall” or follow through with anything he says while campaigning. Every speech is purely a publicity stunt. He’s only building his “brand”. As president, all he would do would be to build a bunch of graft deals for himself and his cronies, ripping off the country for four years and getting even richer. Then he would walk away clean with the spoils, just as he has done before, except this time, it wouldn’t be only his creditors he’d leave to eat the loss and clean up the mess. It would be the whole country.

I’ll delete this in a few months.

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Raxin 3 years ago
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I've decided not to delete this and leave it up as "I told you so" evidence.
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