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“ This is home. They say that you can make it at home wherever

“ This is home. They say that you can make it at home wherever you feel. I’ve been making a lot of things lately, maybe home hasn’t been one of them. It’s not just a hobby anymore. This is my life. And I’m grateful for that. But sometimes you have to step back and give yourself a chance to look around. This is where I’ve arrived, around every turn is life outside of mine. There’s something about this place, you see its past all around you, and all you want is to be a part of its future. Every time I step out I see something that inspires me. I don’t feel like I need anything at all except to see and experience more. But I don’t take it for granted. This city is so full of life, you sometimes don’t know where you fit in. And maybe that’s the point. I’ve realize this place just doesn’t want you to see what’s here or what came before. It doesn’t ask you to change your ways or how you look at the world. The simple thing it wants you to discover is you. To find yourself inside its walls and out on its streets. To show you the answer to all your hesitations, questions, dreams is right there in your own reflection. Few places will show you that which is why no matter what comes next for me, for now, this, is, home. ” This is home - Kevin Wu (Kevjumba)

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