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i don't know if people realize that their loss can't

i don't know if people
realize that their loss can't destroy me. I've been tossed away like garbage by the person I once imagined spending the rest of my life with, when I had stars in my eyes and the hopeful warmth of the sun in my heart. I recovered from agonizing grief that ruled my life for nearly a year after his departure from it. I realized our relationship was very problematic and always meant to be temporary. A toxin runs its destructive course through the system before being flushed out by clarity of thought that cleanses and unclouds the soul from the disorienting murk. I won't allow my newfound purity to be tainted by more unsavory relationships. My body is 65% water and make no mistake, I am not a serene lake with flowery welcoming shores softly beckoning to Sunday strollers and picnickers; I am a crashing, roaring sea in the midst of an unruly tempest, and I will swallow you whole, I will wash down the bitter aftertaste you leave until nothing remains but the briny tang of sea salt and the faint mist of memory.

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