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"I was once a blazing inferno, I felt everything, I was

"I was once a blazing inferno, I felt everything, I was full of life.
But I let my sparks fly and heat those I love, and as the cliche stands:
they got burnt. The realization that my hands could hurt someone that
badly made me detatch, quench my fire, becoming cold and heartless.
Of course in every story about becoming a coldhearted Statue they soon
follow with that special someone who melted them into a caring puppy.
But I'm not Mr. Darcy or any of those people, I'm much too arogant and
scared to let love break my stone layers. So I stop feeling things that
cause me to do things, no desire, no attachment, no strings for you to play
in my heart. Instead an Anylitical mind is much more effective at
preventing hurt."

I've thought this way for so long it's now second nature to anylize
my relationships and treat people like priorities in a Chess game.
Move this person here, let that one go. Completely ignoring the
humanity behind these people. I will change, I will change
Please make sure to tell me when I'm hardening up again. Please
combat my anylitical attacks with sincear love that I currently
don't have. And above all please don't become like me. Your
fire is too caring, too full of feeling, and too sincear to let go.
The world wouldn't be the same without your crackling love.

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