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i've never felt so confused by a person. nearly a week ago

i've never felt so confused by a person. nearly a week ago we were fine and then i visit your tumblr just to find out you actually hate me and that i hurt you and "manipulated" you and you wish to break my bones and hurt me back and get "revenge" and that you will "never forgive me". well guess what. you've already hurt me. very much. that's why the relationship ended in the first place. i'm sorry it didn't work out. even you agreed it wasn't working. so why are you so angry at me? especially when the breakup was mutual. i can't believe you would reblog and like such hateful posts. it's like i don't even know you. how could you be so full of hate. i could never be that way. i could never have so much hate for someone i once cared for more than everything and anyone else. who are you? and why are you creating these lies about my character?

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