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i feel good by myself but i don't feel like i can love the

i feel good by myself but i don't feel like i can love the same ever again. i can't stop talking about myself and i feel like part of my empathy and capibility to love has withered. i know it's only been one and a half months since we broke up, and it gets better, i get that. and trust me, i'm so much better already. i've made so much progress so far and am awaiting more in the near future. but i feel like this first love, followed by its breakup, just changed me in a way that made me more selfish. it's good to be selfish, i suppose. it's good to care for yourself and put yourself first. but my favorite part of myself is to be unselfish and be curious about others. while i am curious about others, i also ramble on and on about myself, as if i suffocated throughout the whole relationship and never spoke a word to anyone... please let me stop talking... i am only interested in listening.

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