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Cancer. As someone who has never had cancer I hold the song "Cancer"


As someone who has never had cancer I hold the song
"Cancer" by My Chemical Romance very close to my
heart. Because it means something different for me, It
means a place, a moment. A scene I dreamt over and
over in my head when I wanted to pull a trigger or
overdose. I played that song because I had something
in common with the imaginary person who has cancer
in that story: I felt close to death and wanted to say
goodbye to everyone i loved. For years I've held that song
tightly in my heart because no other song has ever
described what I feel in those moments like that one.
Not because I like sad songs, if that were the case I'd 
just listen to Mayday Parade. But this song is different,
It's exectly what I would say if I was desperate and suicidal.
I'd feel like my body is broken, weary, pale and faded.
I'd feel that I need to say goodbye to those I love, and I
would not kiss the person I truely love because it would
only make it harder to leave.

So I guess it's not the most relatable song to me, since I
don't actualy have Cancer, my lips aren't chapped and
faded from being poisoned from chemo. But at the same
time it's more relatable to me than any other song. And it's
been with me for a long time like an old friend. I know it
well and it's changed along with me, sharing moments
and feelings together. While those moments were
dangerous they impacted me and listening to that song
everytime has sometimes kept me alive. Strange I know.
But I love that song more than any other, because it's the
one that s stuck with me the longest and provided
sanctuary when nothing else could.

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