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5 pm: woke up with my dog. felt incredibly hungry and wanted

5 pm: woke up with my dog. felt incredibly hungry and wanted to leave my house to get groceries but didn't want to go to a store. probably anxious thoughts come up out of the pressure I put myself in to be this super confident and healthy person which is not the reality of my day-to-day practices. I feel depressed and antagonized whenever I try to be welcoming of positivity. I pretty much expect the worst and accept that reclusive habits decisively work out in the end.

10 pm: went downstairs in the kitchen with the intention of asking my mother to open a can of black beans for me but ate a granola bar instead. still unsure why I didn't boil water to drink tea because that same reason to avoid it is fully ingrained at this very moment cause I usually would be worried to not have drank my tea by now (awake for almost 12 hrs)

12 am: back in the kitchen and made an amateur oat bake topped with almond butter. realizing that I should have added strawberries to it. watched wolf on wall street, got hungry during it so I ate a pear and the rest of the apple pie snaps in a bag (no regrets luckily)

4 am: right now I just finished an episode of Toradora! and drank an entire water bottle. about to do a workout video requiring dumb bells. my post-workout meal should be sweet potato fries, but can I muster enough willpower to battle my craving for candy?


Raxin 4 years ago
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It's simple and obvious. You're feeling messed up because of what you're allowing across your lips and into your stomach. Stop eating sugar. Stop drinking anything with caffeine. Start eating meals with your family again. Everything will fix itself within a week. Your sleep schedule will get back to normal. Your sugar cravings will stop. Your depression and anxiety will stop.
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iwuvyou4eva 4 years ago
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You have good advice but my situation isn't at all simple. I have parents who don't see my lifestyle as an issue so this type of day happens regularly. I do feel like I need to read motivational books but eating less sugar alone isn't the most pressing concern for my mental health. I didn't only eat those meals mentioned, and I do stay away from coffee and limit my green tea to just 2-3 cups per day. I doubt that my sleeping schedule is part of my depression. I much prefer to be awake during the day, but I simply pass time on the Internet or being in bed. I am very close with my mom and my younger brother. No one in my family eats together except my parents during breakfast time. How does anxiety just "stop" within 7 days? I wasn't expecting to receive help on here, but if you are someone with personal experience having recovered from depression, then I will be glad to talk things out more personally. If you just feel annoyed by my negative situation, then I apologize but this is not going to be solved by making obvious criticisms. Thank you for commenting.
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